A PTSD Patient and His Support Owl Become an Inspiration For Many

People suffering from PTSD have a very tough time living a normal life. Many times, their condition often goes unnoticed only because of the lack of awareness. People suffering from this condition need a lot of care. It is not just the help of support groups, but even their friends and family members have to be actively involved in helping such patients out. Such patients often take the help of support animals to help them deal with the stress.

The Unique Story of a Man and His Pet Owl

We have heard of many cases where the bond between humans and animals has been a moral support to each other. One such unique story that hit the headlines was that of an Owl named Louie and his human friend Jaylo Miles. Not only were they seen hiking together, but they also had a special agenda during their trip.

A Man and an Owl on a Mission

Jaylo and his emotional support animal, the barn owl Louie are doing their part towards helping other people with mental health concerns. Their target audience is the ones who are suffering in silence with PTSD. The whole idea of this mission is to get people to understand what really goes on with a person in such a condition.

A Photojournalist is Also Part of the Mission

To help them with their journey, Joann Randles, A Swansea-based photojournalist, recently joined the duo during their recent visit to Wales. The two were hiking on South Wales’s highest peak – Pen-y-Fan. In her interview, Joann stated that she came across.

Jaylo Miles’ story was inspired by it. She even reached out to him so that she could be a part of their mission. During her trip, she saw the kind of bond both of them shared and was amazed by what she saw.

The Pajama Suit Is the Latest Clothing Innovation From Japan

This year, people have had many mishaps with their wardrobe when engaging in online video calls, Zoom meetings, and virtual family gatherings. This revealed a common problem that many people were not prepared for: nobody wants to get all dressed up for an online call. Yes, people usually appear to look good during virtual meetings, until someone forgets they are on camera and reveals half a suit, their pajamas, or even underwear. Of course, Japan has come up with an answer to that new problem.

An Apparel Company In Japan Has Unveiled the “Pajama Suit”

Man Wearing the New "Pajamas Suit" Perhaps believing that people only need to appear like wearing formal clothing during an online video call, a Japanese apparel company has put together what they call the “Pajama Suit.” It is hardly a surprise to anyone that such a great idea would arrive from Japan, and many home-office workers are probably already planning on acquiring this latest manifestation of fashion ingenuity. The pajamas are meant to resemble office attire, but to the one wearing them, they feel as snug and comfortable as sleepwear.

The “Pajama Suit” seems like a very convenient way for people at home to dress formally while remaining comfortable. Created in Japan by the fashion company AOKI Holdings, this new apparel would be available in navy, beige, dark gray, and black colors for both men and women. The company says its new product is less than fashionable clothes but more than simple pajamas.

The “Pajama Suit” Is Sold As Two Separate Pieces and Can Be Mixed With Other Items

The AOKI Holdings Logo AOKI Holdings sells its new types of pajamas as suit separates, which allows buyers to combine them with different clothing. This gives pajama suit enthusiasts the opportunity to experiment and come up with their own perfect combination of comfort and style. The jacket of the “suit,” for example, is actually a knitted cardigan and can be matched with regular pants. However, the company suggests to its clients to try combining the jacket with the elastic-waist pants that are specially designed for long periods of sitting down.

This kind of adaptation to the market demand shows how clothing companies are struggling to sell business suits and are ready to innovate and create new products. AOKI is just one of those companies, and despite its new pajama suit, it is looking at billions of yen in losses for the last year.