Stunning Private Island Off The Coast Of Maine Selling For $7.5 Million

An exclusive and unique property had just arrived on the property market in Maine after being occupied since 1993. The property is a private island off the coast of Maine and holds a mansion, two guest houses and a barn together with a separate house for the workers across it 86-acres.

John Cacoulidis, a property developer, bought Hope Island in 1993 for the cool price of $1.3 million but back then, it did not boast the incredible properties that sit on it today.

hope island- island

In the last 24 years, he explained that “No expense was spared creating this magical island kingdom.” The listing for the island describes it as a “classic Maine setting of rocky coastline and crashing surf”.

The unique setting in Casco Bay is only a 25-minute boat journey from picturesque Portland with the island views said to be “Sweeping and elevated views are ever-changing from vistas over the Atlantic Ocean to passing boats of every description.” The island would seem like a dream home for someone with an appreciation for wildlife, scenic views and fresh, unpolluted air.

hope island- views

This is exactly what attracted past owner Cacoulidis to the island together with his wife Phyllis. In their time living on Hope Island, the couple transformed it into a beautiful working farm with plenty of animals and perfect landscapes. Although it would seem questionable why anyone would want to move away from such an ideal location, John put the property on the market last year following the death of wife, Phyllis.

Her personality seemed to directly match her home with her obituary stating “An avid gardener, lover of animals and the outdoors, she transformed Hope Island into a beautiful working farm with chicken, geese, swans, ducks, peacocks, deer, horses, a mule named Emma and her five dogs. She routinely took in rescue animals and cared for local wildlife,” Clearly John couldn’t cope with life without her in their little island of serenity.

hope island- 2

Nevertheless, John and Phyllis’ renovations on Hope Island have made it an absolute steal for it’s next owner and the real estate agents have said “To have an entire island in Casco Bay with easy access to Portland is a rare commodity”. From this, the $7.5 million asking price seems like a massive undervalue for the special property.