FBI’s Most Wanted Gun Thief Writes Letter Of Apology To Store Owner

There are new developments since a man on the run stole an arsenal of weapons and threatened the White House with a 161-page anti-establishment manifesto. 32-year old Joseph Jakubowski of Wisconsin wrote a letter of apology to the owner of the gun store he held up. He thanked him for protecting the 2nd Amendment right of citizens.

Joseph Jakubowski 2

The thief, who is fully armed with a M-16 assault rifle, has been at the centre of a nationwide manhunt since robbing the gun store ‘Armageddon’ in Janesville, Wisconsin. He has been accused of stealing as many as 18 rifles, handguns and silencers.

A detailed complaint claims that Jakubowski’s letter of apology, which was addressed to the gun store owner, was discovered by his sister. The complaint states, “She came across several items of paperwork, including what appeared to be the draft of an apology letter to a gun shop owner…”

“…In the letter the defendant explained that he wanted to purchase the guns to protect himself and his family, but as a felon, he was not allowed to do so … The defendant apologized to the gun shop owner for the theft of the weapons and thanked the gun shop owner for protecting the 2nd Amendment right of the citizens.”

Joseph Jakubowski

Police have since released an edited photo of the robber to the public. The reward for his arrest is $20,000. According to reports, the thief has had a long history of domestic violence as well as mental instability and substance abuse. The 161-page manifesto written directly to President Trump was handwritten, while Janesville Chief Of Police David Moore said, “Mr Jakubowski certainly spent his share of time developing this document and it was meaningful to him, but it’s certainly concerning to us.”

More than 170 officers are searching for the thief including Janesville police, state police, FBI, ATF and DCI. Police believe that the robber is planning to attack, and have been ordered to keep eyes over schools, government offices and churches in the Janesville area.

Fortunately, the man who recorded the video of Jakubowski mailing his manifesto to Trump was reportedly located by police. He has since been cooperating with investigators.