People Are Eating Healthier and Wasting Less Food Since Lockdown, Survey Finds

Let’s be honest; the world is pretty stressful right now. While most people would head to their nearest fast food joint or demolish a tub of Ben & Jerry’s when they’re stressed, it seems as though us humans are stress eating a little differently during lockdown. In fact, one survey has found that people are not only eating healthier during lockdown, but also wasting less food. We guess something good had to come out of a worldwide pandemic…

Life In Lockdown

If you’re currently living in lockdown, working from home, and keeping your outside adventures to a minimum, then you may have seen that your eating habits have changed. However, you’re not the only one. The Corona Cooking Survey has set out to find out what the new lockdown cooking trends are, and it seems as though they’re all pretty positive.

The Survey

This survey analyzed 11,000 people in 11 different countries, and asked them about their eating habits. Although many people associate stress eating with sugary and high-fit products, this hasn’t been the case in recent months. More and more people are choosing to make baked goods in their own homes, which is a healthy alternative to products bought in the store. Alongside this, people have noted that they are becoming more creative in the kitchen, which is seeing them use up what they have in the cupboards and use healthier ingredients.

Less Waste

As if that wasn’t enough, people are also planning meals, eating leftovers, and, in turn, wasting less food because they do not want to venture outside too often. By embracing their own kitchens and experimenting with their own cooking, it seems to have a positive knock-on effect across the globe. Many experts believe that this trend will continue even as lockdown lifts.

Are you eating healthier and wasting less food? Well, that’s certainly something to be proud of.