These Resignation Letters Say ‘I Quit’ In Hilarious Ways

Quitting a job usually is not a fun experience for most people. It can often be pretty nerve-wracking. How will your boss react? Will they still give you a good recommendation for your next job? will everyone on your team resent you? A lot of pretty serious questions can come into your mind when you’re getting ready to resign. However, some people decide to make the most of a potentially uncomfortable situation. Instead of submitting a normal resignation letter, thee people have decided to t least get a good laugh out of it. These are the funniest resignation letters on the internet.

Jurassic Work

For those who are bored at their current job or having problems with their boss, the only sensible option might be to call it quits and hand in their two weeks notice.

resignation 29
Jurassic Work

Sometimes these resignation letters are pretty hilarious. After drawing a dinosaur, this employee decided it was time for a career change. He then took the illustration and transformed it into a letter of resignation. The other side of the letter revealed the name of the dinosaur: “Quitmyjobosaurus.”