Newspaper Deliveryman Has Made Over 500 Grocery Store Runs for Seniors

The current global pandemic has caused many people to retreat into their homes and only emerge for necessary trips to the grocery store, but there’s no doubt about the fact that many people take this for granted. One newspaper deliveryman realized that he was incredibly lucky to be able to head to the grocery for his own provisions, and knew that he had to use this privilege to help those who couldn’t.

Newspaper Deliveryman Has Made Over 500 Grocery Store Runs for Seniors

The Man In Question

Greg Dailey is a 50-year-old newspaper deliveryman from East Windsor, New Jersey. Its’ his job to deliver newspapers to around 450 elderly people who live in senior developments, and it has always made him happy to know that the older generation can all live around each other and socialize on a regular basis. However, the ongoing pandemic has stopped this from happening.

Throwing It Further

Although Greg has continued to work over the past few months, he was taken aback when an 88-year old customer asked him to throw the newspaper closer to her garage, so she didn’t have to stray too far away from her front door. He realized that if this woman didn’t want to leave her house to get a newspaper, how would she get essential supplies from the grocery store? This led him to think of the hundreds of elderly people who lived around her who were probably in the same position.

Newspaper Deliveryman Has Made Over 500 Grocery Store Runs for Seniors

Asking For Help

So, Greg put a note in each of his newspapers to state that he would be happy to run to the store for anyone who needed it – completely free of charge. He was amazed by the response, and soon had requests from countless people around the senior developments. In the end, he had to utilize the help of his wife, three children, and his mother-in-law to make over 500 grocery store runs for them.

We need more people like Greg in this world.

Father Tiger Demonstrates Rare Caring for its Cubs After Their Mother’s Death

Like most mammal species, the mother providing the main parental care to the children is common with tiger families. The tigress usually cares for the cubs and the male counterpart does not have any part in its upbringing. But recently, a father tiger at the ‘Panna Tiger Reserve’ in India has toppled the tradition by exhibiting an unusual ‘maternal’ behavior. This is unheard of and something out of the ordinary. You do not ever witness something like on an everyday basis, that too within the animal kingdom. It seemed like the tiger took on the role of a single Dad. It almost makes you want to cheer in happiness.

The Natural Law

As per the natural law, after giving birth to the cubs, it is the mother tigers that stay by the side of her cubs. For two years, she monitors the cubs, teaching them hunting skills and other survival strategies, before let them heading off on their own in their mature age.

The Father Tiger

Researchers are surprised with the rare nurturing behavior of a tiger in the Panna Reserve, when he started caring for four cubs, after the sudden death of their mother this May, due to unknown causes. Beyond the natural protector role of a male tiger, the father tiger is seen hunting the Sambar deer for the young cubs. Besides sharing his meal, he is also been heard communicating to the cubs by calling them with roars.

Official Observation

Panna Tiger Reserve director Uttam Sharma has informed that the father tiger visits the cubs regularly. By playing and sharing hunts with the cubs regularly, the tiger is clearly giving the vibe that he should not be considered a danger to the little ones. The conservationists of the reserve also carefully monitor the 8-month old cubs regularly. Through their observation, they opine that the cubs are currently looked healthy and not hungry, and are spending active stress-free days with their now father, the tiger.