Hilarious Plane Photos You Have To See

We hope you don’t have a fear of flying because some of the shenanigans in these photos will surely make you question the quality of your pilot, flight attendants, and fellow passengers.


What’s cuter than a panda on a plane? A panda on a plane with his paws full of bamboo snuggled up in a blanket! This Chinese airline made a special exception when it came to this piece of precious panda cargo and pulled out all the stops to make this beautiful bear as comfortable as possible.


Penguins On A Plane

This plane had many pairs of wings and we’re not talking about the kind on the aircraft. These flightless aquatic birds needed a lift being they couldn’t fly to their destination themselves. We can’t imagine the look on these travelers faces when they saw these winged waddlers parading down the aisles with serious charisma. The passenger on the left is taking advantage of this perfect photo opportunity to share the moment with friends and family.


One Man Flight

As if Delta didn’t already have an amazing reputation they are now known as the airline that privately chartered this young man to his destination. When this passenger boarded the flight he was quite surprised to learn that he would be the only one on the entire flight! We’re sure that left him with lots of room for activities of all sorts like cartwheeling down the aisles, and climbing into different seats when the fasten seatbelt light was off of course.


Walt Working Next To Jiminy Cricket

It’s common to see people with their laptops out doing some work while they fly from city to city but did you know that passengers also did this in the early days of air travel as well? The main difference is that they would use typewriters as opposed to laptops. Here you can see Walt Disney on a plane trying to get some last minute work done with what appears to be his conscious – Jiminy Cricket.


Gobble Gobble!

This is one well traveled turkey! Considering it’s unlikely that the giant bird is anyone’s domesticated pet, this only leaves us with the belief that he’s on his way to Thanksgiving dinner, and not as one of the table guests. There was probably a lot of noise on that flight considering the bird is known for making its trademark noise which literally sounds something like gobble gobble.  If someone didn’t get a snap of this we might not have believed that this was true.


Pungent Porker

Thanks to open minded airlines, bringing your therapy pet along for the flight is now an option for many travelers. While this farm animal probably makes a bit less noise than the turkey, he surely smells a lot worse. Let’s just hope that the plane doesn’t get stuck on a deserted island with hungry passengers, because then porky might want to make a run for it. Nevertheless, this not so wild looking boar is a super cutie, and we’re here for it!


World Class Burger

Everyone loves different things and who are we to judge this flyer. However with that said we have never seen a display of witchcraft and wizardry quite like this. A list of explanations for this hamburger’s VIP treatment is possible; maybe he was just dry-cleaned? Maybe some kids on the plane were trying to kidnap it or even worse..eat it! Who knows, either way, we don’t blame this intrigued bystander for splurging on in-flight wifi to tweet this moment.


Duck Departure

There are two aspects of this picture that we absolutely need to discuss. First off, this duck is wearing an actual leash! Second, his little webbed feet have been purposely outfitted in soft, red comfy socks so he can safely waddle around the plane! This has gotten to be hands down one of the cutest therapy animals we’ve seen allowed on a flight so far. And with that long feathery neck of his, we would bet our bottom dollar he gives grade A cuddles.



It’s not uncommon to experience celeb sitings while flying between major cities, even sometimes rubbing elbows with famous counterparts. However, the passengers on this flight got to sit right behind a different kind of celebrity, Bullseye the Target dog! The mascot of our favorite store was photographed while indulging in a midflight snooze and it looks like he didn’t even notice. As if there wasn’t already enough reason to love the pint-sized pooch he’s also humble and well behaved, sitting quietly in economy class.


Pampered Passenger

We get it, long flights can be annoying especially when you’re trying to catch some Z’s and all your given is a small blanket and pillow that feels like bellow, but this traveler took things into his own hands, or head in this case. You may have seen this contraption in the sky mall catalog but we didn’t know there were people who actually purchased this! While it may not be the most atheistically pleasing pillow it surely looks like it’s getting the job done.


Sleeping On The Job

This pilot had one job, fly the plane! Instead, he’s basking in the morning sun and getting some rest. While we’re not exactly sure how this whole “flying a plane” thing goes, one of the first requirements of the pilot is usually to be conscious. After some digging around we’ve found that it’s actually quite common for pilots to take a nap in mid-flight. The next time you board a plane it would be smart to consider dropping an alarm clock off in the cockpit.



Bringing your own kangaroo on board is great if you’re willing to fork up the cash for an extra seat for him to sit in. If you’re up to spending the extra money, you’ll save on bringing an additional bag as you can store lot’s of things in your roo’s spacious pouch.  We’d also probably use him as a fluffy pillow instead of falling asleep on our neighbor. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved for sure.


Flying High

Someone should probably let this air hostess know that the overhead bin isn’t her sleeping cabin, and by the looks of the plane, it wasn’t even an international flight! This must be the reason why airline employers require drug and alcohol testing before flight attendants can board the plane. We’re impressed by this woman’s ability to sneak into that high spot though. We couldn’t accomplish that even if we were given a leg up by a friend.


Caught On Tape

Some people just can’t handle their liquor and this guy is a great example of that. Someone should have let him know that downing a whole bottle of vodka before his flight was probably not the best idea. The question we can’t help but ask ourselves is how in creation he was even allowed on the plane int he first place? Maybe one of his buddies palmed the ticket collector a Benjamin, or better yet perhaps he just snuck on.


One Seat, Three Passengers

For one moment can we just disregard the obvious fact that it is certainly not safe for a child to be sitting on another person’s head, and instead focus on the clever way this father kept his kids occupied on the flight? We can’t help but wonder how the passenger sitting in the back of him feels, though? Hopefully, entertained. This daring dad certainly needs a Father of the Year Award and a shower, as soon as possible.


Lap In Luxury

Let’s hope that there weren’t people sitting in the seats because they must have gotten quick the shock when they returned from their trip to the bathroom or grab more peanuts and bottled water.  If you’re going to act like your living luxuriously, can you at least make yourself look the part by zipping up your fly? Oh, and while you’re at it – move your legs out of the aisle so the snack cart can pass through. Thank you for flying.


Sneak Peek

This passenger may be trying to sneak a peek but there is nothing sneaky about his obvious maneuver. Like come on man could you just be a little bit more discreet? After all this flight attendant is simply just doing her job in the required uniform that she’s meant to wear. We certainly hope this guy’s wife wasn’t on board because she’d be pretty embarrassed and he would probably get a real good talking to.


In Flight Fight

Getting into a fight on a plane, or any other public place for that matter is never a good idea. But, since these teenagers were caught in the act and on roughly, a hundred different cell phones, we have a feeling they won’t be getting away with their inappropriate behavior. Hopefully, the snacks had already been served on this flight as a free entertainment snack! This seems like the type of situation that belongs on Jerry Springer or even, Dr. Phil for that matter.


Finger Friends

A stranger grabbing onto on of your extremities mid flight may warrant a blazing side eye, but in this case, it was way too cute to get annoyed at. If this is the way to keep a baby calm and quiet during a flight, then this photo should be shared with the entire world! Or, at the very least, the babies’ parents. We just hope this didn’t escalate into the child thinking that this finger was their pacifier. That’s a boundary that just shouldn’t be crossed.


He’s Got It In The Bag

If we had to use deductive reasoning, we would conclude that this passenger was simply trying to avoid getting sick and to tell you the truth, we don’t blame them one bit.  After all, planes are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. On the other hand, this quarantining technique is a tad bit dangerous and should never be attempted by anyone at home. Perhaps this is what American singer Katy Perry meant by feeling like a plastic bag?


Pre-Historic Plane

This mid-flight photo is one of our favorites, for sure! We’re not sure what’s more impressive the idea behind this photo or the execution, either way, we would like to give serious props to the photographer. Maybe he should have been the executive producer for the film Jurassic Park 2; the whole film could have turned out so much better. Next time, we’ll take our Barbies or toy soldiers on the plane to try and recreate the same effect.


Forbidden Furby

We get why cell phones need to be turned off, and we certainly understand why radios and laptops needed to be shut down, but why the innocent and fun loving Furby? Unless that whole secret government spy rumor turned out to be, of course. In any case, it’s now 2017 and as far as we’re aware owning one of the batteries operated life like hamsters is no longer a trend, so we don’t see why this plane hasn’t upgraded its signage.


Kidding Around

What an observation! This guy must be a brain surgeon or just likes pointing out the painfully obvious. On the bright side, this passenger apparently received a free puppet show with his flight. This spur of the moment in flight entertainment might have come in handy if this flyer was on an older airline with no personal television to keep him occupied during his voyage. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the innovations that have been in air travel over the last few years.


Migrant Musician

Someone caught the perfect snapshot of a musician and his keyboard, who obviously wore himself out making the most of his plane time practice. We also noticed that he has a set of audio headphones, which at the very least, makes him a considerate individual on a very crowded plane. While we wouldn’t mind being serenaded by his slow jams, there are surely others on the plane who were trying to sleep. Do you think he was taking requests?


Stars And Stripes Doing It Right!

This patriotic passenger got the airplane ride of his life when he was summoned by the flight attendant to voice over the safety protocols and procedures for the flight. He looks like an excellent assistant to have around, and he seems pretty enthusiastic. There’s a good possibility that this isn’t his first rodeo as a flight attendant and is reliving his glory days! Regardless of the situation, we’d certainly like to have this much fun on a plane.


Hear No One, See No One, Speak To No One

Much like the three monkeys, this man is covering all bases when it comes to his in-flight rituals. Not only will he land well rested and refreshed but he will also be abe to tune out all of the crying babies, and won’t have to make awkward small talk with the person sitting next to him. Best of all he’s blindfolded, so he also doesn’t have to feel bad about it because everyone knows he’s completely checked out.


Savage Socks

As it turns out, the awful smell coming from the back of the plane isn’t the bathroom – it’s from this bold brut who thinks it’s okay to dry out his socks on the window cover. While it’s unclear how his socks got wet in the first place, or if they were even wet at all, we certainly don’t care to find out. All we know is that this laundering method is entirely not okay or at all hygienic in such close quarters.


My Little Pony

Don’t fret we’ve still a got few farm/therapy animals on our list to show you but just as a heads up, the animal passengers just keeping stranger and more peculiar. We hope that these passengers let that mini-pony stretch out his legs a bit in the aisles because this seems like borderline animal abuse. We wonder if they were letting people ride the pony down the aisles for a small fee. Sounds like a very lucrative business.


Un-Solicited Snuggle

Don’t you just love seeing the soft center of a tough biker dude with a hard exterior? Although it seems completely unsolicited, this businessman looks like he has made a new friend during this flight giving his fellow traveler a shoulder to lean on – even if it was a complete and total surprise. The biker just wanted a cuddle buddy to sleep on but then again, don’t we all just want someone to keep us warm at night?


Cello Reservation

There are some people who take music very seriously, so seriously that there willing to pay for an extra seat just for their instrument!  Many Americans either don’t have a passport or haven’t even left the states. Meanwhile, this cello is flying first class. Can someone please help explain this? And this man wasn’t going to let anyone tell him anything about his peculiar sidekick as each time that someone ordered him to move it, he showed them the cello’s ticket.


Blank Canvas

When life gives you a blank canvas make beautiful art! One passenger took this phrase literally accept their blank canvas was the back of this unsuspecting flyers head and the art was more like a very scary Lord Voldemort inspired face, considering neither of them has noses. We’re not sure if this guy woke up mid-drawing or was sleeping so hard that he slept through it but either way he may want to purchase a beanie at the next duty-free.



Please believe that if there is a tarantula on the plane we’re passengers on, we’re cracking open that emergency hatch and jumping into the nearest lifeboat! While some may call this an overreaction, the fear of spiders is real people and it’s called arachnophobia. If you’ve seen the movie Snakes on a Plane, then you already know that this photo alone is enough to give one nightmare, unless that is if Samuel L. Jackson was around to take care of that massive spider.


Party Plane

For nostalgia’s sake, we’d like to quickly relive the good old days when taking a plane ride meant having a blast while soaring high above the clouds from one destination to the next. While, it was a very different time, looking at this astounding photo truly makes us realize we were born in the wrong decade. Although we’re not sure that airlines were as safe before as they are now, we do know that they were definitely more fun back in the party plane decades!


Sea You Later

Airlines these days really aren’t making emergency situations any less stressful for their passengers on board. The thought of having to dig for your life vest underneath the ocean floor is not only an unpleasant thought to have but also a scary one. Thankfully, this is just a funny coincidence, but in retrospect, this makes us consider just how often these planes are maintenance and detailed up to aesthetic standards? A gullible passenger can get the wrong idea, so this airline needs to be careful!


Ron Swanson

Just like the character Ron Swanson he plays on Parks & Recreation, actor Nick Offerman doesn’t seem the least bit enthused that the passenger’s next to him are snapping candid photos of him. But can we really blame them, though? If we saw the notorious Ron Swanson seated on our plane, we would also want to document the close encounter of the amazing actor! Do we dare ask him where Leslie Knope is? Nope, probably not the best idea.


In The Clouds

Another blast from the past pictured below shows that passengers were seated amongst different kinds of clouds. Smoking was permitted on flights during the 60’s and 70’s, before the rules changed forever and with good reason. What we love about this photo is the man behind the couple posing for the picture – is he interested in the woman or does he just want to light up a smoke of his own? This is a prime example of how much flying has changed over the years.


Captain Colbert

No matter where you were traveling to, having Stephen Colbert sitting next to you on a flight would be the highlight of any of our lives! The photo itself doesn’t need to be especially funny ’cause in truth, Stephen Colbert’s presence is hysterical enough on its own. And when you’re tired of laughing, we’re sure Colbert has some valuable information to throw your way. We wonder if he’d let us ring Jon Stewart on his phone if we asked nicely.


In Flight Fashion

We know hot shorts were appropriate for flight attendants at the time this picture was taken but so were a lot of things that are now forbidden on airplanes. In the 60’s, it was common for flight attendants to play the part of the beautiful sky vixen, but today, passengers are expected to treat them like the polished professionals they are. Today flight attendants are required to dress in a more modest fashion, and their clothing is probably made out of something besides cheap polyester.


He’s Just Here For The Beer

This man hit the bottle, or should we say multiple bottles, a bit too hard. But hey, at least he wasn’t the one operating the plane! We’re sure this flyer had a brutal hangover upon rising for the descent, but hey, at least he took advantage of the free alcoholic beverages. We can imagine that he probably taught some of the passengers around him some decent college, drinking games, as he appears within that age bracket.


Chewy On Board

You know you’re safe when Chewbacca is on board as a co-pilot for your flight. We hope Hans Solo doesn’t find out about his furry friend’s side gig. That is unless Han Solo is also one of the pilots flying your aircraft to its destination. We would surely trust Han not to fall asleep while flying the plane like some of these other pilots do! Chewbacca would also be the perfect in-flight pal keeping you warm with all his fur.


Dreadful Flight

As if the movies on airplanes weren’t bad enough these girls also have the added annoyance of this man’s dreadlocks draped all ver their screen! We wonder if he has any idea his long locks are overtaking his fellow passenger’s entertainment area. If we were them, we would take his dreads and braid them, then throw them over the person’s head. Or just be a real Debbie Downer and pull on his hair until he wakes up.


Pop Goes The Pimple

We’ve seen some rather disgusting plane passengers on the web, but this one takes the cake. We don’t know who she’s meeting when her flight lands but wouldn’t it be more acceptable to use the lavatory when popping your pimples? After all the airport does have many of them. If anyone wanted to see you popping your pimples, then planes would come with skin specialists, but they don’t so someone please tell her to stop!


High Maintence Mom

This mama got so creative that she used her baby’s stroller cover to shield her from her seat from fellow passengers on the plane. This is a brilliant idea compared to the towels, sheets, t-shirts, and other strange objects we’ve seen people use to shield themselves on plane rides. The question remains, though; if this baby mama has her kid’s stroller cover, then where the heck is the baby and what is he or she riding in?


Sticker Explosion

Perhaps we never got the memo, but we had no clue that plane walls were available to children to use as their sticker boards! The fight attendants who were in charge of cleaning up this kiddie mess probably weren’t too happy about the colorful explosion left behind. It looks as if the inside of a pre-school exploded, and none of the parents taught their kids how to clean up after themselves. Just one episode of Barney should cure that.


Chef BoyarNo

Apparently the cardinal rules of a restaurant – no shoes, no shirt, no service – don’t apply to patrons on airplanes. We can’t help but notice this man’s uncanny resemblance to the Chef Boyardee who is pictured on the labels of ravioli cans with an unbuttoned t-shirt and chef hat. Sitting next to this man on the plane would probably be very uncomfortable, but at least none of the passengers look too disturbed. They might have even been hoping that he had some ravioli for them.