Dog Shelter Builds Special Houses For Their Dogs

Being a dog in a shelter is a very tough life for, so ‘The Luvable Dog Rescue’ in Oregon set out to change this and make their pups lives a little more pleasant. What The Luvable Dog Rescue did is quite incredible, they have built private little cottages for their dogs, where the dogs can be super comfy and feel at home. The shelter was pretty great to begin with; 55 acres of land with meadows, hiking trails, forests and all of it safe and just for the people and the dogs.


The new cottages have really brought the shelter up to a whole new level because each dog now has its own indoor and outdoor space. The inside of the cottages contain all the things you’d find in a regular home, furniture, paintings, appliances, basically, anything that would imitate a real home the dogs might live in one day in the future. The cottages are also used to gauge the behavior of the dogs. Shelter staff monitor the dog’s behavior so they can evaluate how the dog will act in its future home. This allows the shelter workers to make a more accurate recommendation for potential pet owners.


Liesel Wilhardt was one of the people behind the idea of the dog cottages; she is also the Executive Director of Luvable Dog Rescue. Wilhardt said that she has always felt a very special connection to the pit bull breed, ever since she was a little girl. Recently, the shelter also built a special place for the pit bulls, called “Pit Bulls Palace” for the bigger pups. They are also planning to create a sort of maternity ward in the future for the pregnant dogs and new mommies with their newborn puppies.


The dog cottages are pretty amazing to look at, and they don’t compare to living in cages at all. We can only hope that more shelters would adopt this method as this also teaches the dog how to behave properly in a home environment. All usefulness aside, how cute are the cottages? Some of these cottages are nicer than people’s houses.