A Boy Saves Alpaca From A Meat Factory, And Now They’re Best Friends!

Take a second to meet Chewy, the alpaca! His owner, Matt, really wanted a dog, but Matt’s mom was very reluctant and said that it would require too much maintenance, so instead… Matt opted for an alpaca! Because you know, that’s what you do. The boy and his three-year-old pet both live in Adelaide, Australia, and they have now become local celebrities.

They do everything together. One of the biggest perks, and probably the one that makes Matt’s mom pleased with his decision of owning an alpaca is that they are not that hard to house train. Plus, they always poop in the same place.

Watch this video and see how Matt gave Chewy a second chance at life. Matt saved Chewy from being killed in a meat factory. Matt takes Chewy out for walks and treats him like every other pet, with the utmost love and care. They enjoy the beach together (an activity Chewy loves the most) and many other daily activities. Alpacas generally need another alpaca around otherwise they tend to get very bored and lonely. This special bond is not something that you see often – that been a 13-year-old and his best friend, Chewy the alpaca.

We wonder how Matt’s mom and Chewy get along…