Andrea Bocelli Sings Music for Hope in an Empty Milan Cathedral

The city of Milan invited Andrea Bocelli to perform an Easter Sunday concert in Duomo di Milano in order to send an uplifting message and spread healing, love, and hope through music. Due to the lockdown, the concert wasn’t attended by any guests. Rather, it was live-streamed, and millions of people tuned in to listen to this famous tenor sing beloved classics.

Music for Hope

The live-streamed concert was organized by the city of Milan and took place in the beautiful cathedral. Bocelli was accompanied by the cathedral organ player, Emanuele Vianelli. This solo performance included a set of amazing classics including Ave Maria, Sancta Maria, and Domine Deus. The concert was concluded with the 61-year old tenor singing Amazing Grace on the steps of the cathedral. Once uploaded on Youtube, the concert was watched millions of times within hours and quickly became trending.

Andrea Bocelli Sings Music for Hope in an Empty Milan Cathedral

What Bocelli Says About the Event

The famous artist and renowned tenor gladly answered “yes” to the city’s invitation to perform for the Easter Sunday concert. He believes that live-streamed music was an excellent way to bring millions of people around the world together in prayer. The artist claims that he believes in the power of praying together – especially now.

As he explained, the rebirth symbolized in Easter is something everyone needs right now. Bocelli was honored and moved by the opportunity to be the voice of prayer for millions of other voices. The artist gave a stunning performance, inspiring optimism and courage the world certainly needs right now.

Andrea Bocelli Sings Music for Hope in an Empty Milan Cathedral

The artist says that he will cherish the memory of this concert forever as a profound experience. Although this Easter has been made painful by the emergency the world’s facing, he believes it is therefore even more fruitful and valuable. He, as well as the millions of people who enjoyed the performance, express their gratitude to the city of Milan and the Duomo cathedral for making this experience possible.