Adorable Nursing Home Pen Pal Program Goes Viral

Most people have been hit hard by the current crisis affecting the world. However, not everyone has suffered quite as much as those living in nursing homes. Thankfully, some of the residents at these places might finally have something to smile about now that a pen pal program intended to boost their spirits has gone viral.

Adorable Nursing Home Pen Pal Program Goes Viral

Cheering Up The Elderly

Back in June, a scheme was established in North Carolina to try and cheer up the people living at 14 Victorian Senior Care homes. The public was encouraged to write letters to the residents, most of whom hadn’t seen their loved ones in months. Pictures of the senior citizens were uploaded to social media alongside their interests, making it easy for people to write to those with whom they shared a connection.

So Much Support

In just a few weeks, these nursing homes have received far more letters than they ever expected. The Asheboro facility alone has had thousands come in, and there are only nine residents participating in the pen pal program there.

The reason for this influx may have something to do with people not being able to see their own grandparents. Those who currently have relatives in nursing homes understand how scared and lonely these residents must be, so this is their way of showing they care.

Adorable Nursing Home Pen Pal Program Goes Viral

Going Viral

Of course, it helps that the program has received support from big names like Katie Couric. The presenter posted about the scheme to her many followers, encouraging them to check Victorian Senior Care’s page and get involved. If the program wasn’t a viral sensation before, then Couric ensured that the internet was fully aware of this good cause.

So many people are struggling to cope in this crisis that it might seem hard to think about others. However, now is as good a time as any to try and show some compassion because we could all use a little love right now.