A Couple Adopted Triplets, One Week Later Doctor Reveals Unexpected News

After years of trying to conceive, Sarah and Andy decided to give adoption a try. After an excruciating process, the couple was finally given babies. This tearjerking real life story of what happened right after the adoption will be sure to surprise you.


Andy and Sarah would stop at nothing to become parents. Because the Justices wanted to be parents more than anything they decided to begin the adoption process. As many people know, the adoption process can be grueling and at times even as frustrating as trying to conceive naturally. Way before the point of bringing a child home, the Justices first needed to apply to an adoption agency. Then, once the agency reviews and accepts the application, Sarah and Andy had to complete a home study.


Family of Two

Sarah and Andy Justice were happy and loved their life together. They always knew they wanted to grow their family and become parents.


Fertility Expert

Sarah and Andy Justice lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Once they decided to go to a fertility specialist, the couple had trouble finding a good fertility specialist in their hometown. Eventually, they found a doctor that could help them get pregnant, but there was one inconvenience. The fertility specialist they wanted was all the way in St. Louis, MO. Even though the distance posed a problem, Sarah and Andy were determined to have kids and they would not let anything get in their way.


More Bad News

Getting to Missouri from Oklahoma for fertility treatment was quite a mission for Sarah and Andy. The year was 2014 and the couple left their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma and trekked to a doctor’s office in Missouri. The Justices were so determined to get pregnant that they drove for six long hours to reach the fertility expert in Missouri. Sadly, once they arrived in Missouri, Sarah and Andy received disappointing news. The visit was not successful and it seemed that there was no change Sarah could get pregnant.


In Vitro

The fertility specialist had some unfortunate news for the Justices. The specialist told Sarah and Andy that even though they were good candidates for in-vitro fertilization, their chance of getting pregnant was still only 10%. Also, the process of in-vitro fertilization was much more invasive than the couple realized. Besides being really invasive, in-vitro fertilization is also incredibly expensive. Still, the Justices were not out of luck. Even though plan A and plan B did not work out, they were ready to turn to plan C!


Too Expensive

The process of in vitro fertilization is not cheap at all and can range from about $12,000- $15,000 for a basic IVF cycle. The fertility treatment is rarely covered by insurance. If the Justices went through with IVF, they found out they would have to pay between $30,000 and $60,000 just to try to get pregnant. The high cost and the low likelihood that IVF would work had the Justices thinking outside of the box. Adoption became the logical next step.


Anything for a Baby

Every step of the way, the Justices were met with hurdles to jump over. All they wanted was to provide a wonderful home for a child, but adoption is no easy process. While the adoption route presented many more obstacles to get through, Sarah and Andy would stop at nothing to figure out a way to have children. They knew that getting through the adoption system could take years. Nevertheless, Sarah and Andy wanted a newborn baby and were determined to do anything.



After applying to an adoption agency and going through a home study, the next step is to interview. Just thinking about interviews gives most people some anxiety, but they are a huge part of the adoption process. Sarah and Andy had to go through a series of interview with prospective birth mothers. These high-pressure interviews would determine whether or not the Justices would be able to adopt a baby. By the end, the Justices were drained and exhausted. Unfortunately, Sarah and Andy’s struggle was not even close to over.


Seeking Approval

After an extensive interview process, the Justices finally got some good news. One birth mom decided to give the Justices her baby!  Sarah and Andy could not believe the good news. All they wanted was to hold their new child! The Justices made sure to support the birth mother through her pregnancy, they couldn’t wait to meet their new family member. Sadly, just as their dream of having a baby began to come to fruition, things took a turn for the worst.


Last Minute Change

Just when Sarah and Andy thought they were done waiting for a baby, the birth mom changed her mind at the last minute. The birth mother decided to keep the baby, and the devastating news completely broke the Justices. Even though Sarah and Andy were heartbroken, they decided to move on and try again. The resilient couple was nowhere near ready to give up and move on. Sarah and Andy knew they were meant to be parents.


Moving On

Still, in the midst of heartache and disappointment, Sarah and Andy decided to push on with the adoption process. They recontacted the adoption agency and let them know they still wanted to adopt. The Justices went on another interview and found another birth mother that wanted to give her baby to the Justices. Again, just as things were moving forward, the second birth mother backed out of the plan and decided to keep her baby at the last minute.


Overcoming Obstacles

Understandably, Sarah and Andy were disappointed and almost completely discouraged. Still, they continued to pray for the family they wanted. Somehow, the couple persevered and found the strength within themselves to keep trying. No matter what happened, the Justices would never be ready to call it quits. Little did they know that good news was right around the corner. Very shortly after the second birth mom backed out of the adoption, Andy and Sarah received one more call.


One Last Chance

Just at the moment when the Justices were at their lowest, Sarah received a call that would change the course of her and Andy’s life. For the first time in a while, the phone rang with good news. Again the agency called to let the Justices know that there was a pregnant woman who chose Sarah and Andy to be the parents of her unborn child. There was something different about this birth mother that seemed promising.



The Justices met with the birth mom and she even included them in an ultrasound appointment with her. While Sarah and Andy and the birth mother were at the doctor’s appointment, something peculiar showed up on the scan. At first, the Justices were nervous, but this time the surprise was a good one! Everything looked normal and the baby was healthy…or should we say, babies! The doctor saw three separate and strong heartbeats show up on the ultrasound monitor.


Family of Five

Seeing three separate hearts beating on the ultrasound monitor completely shocked the birth mother and Sarah and Andy. The Justices struggled to get one baby, so three babies seemed like a fantasy. There was no chance Andy and Sarah were going to back out now. They knew those three babies were meant to be their children, so they decided to move forward with the adoption process. Sarah and Andy were ready to become the parents they had always dreamed of being.


Not Prepared

Despite the fact that the Justices had been trying for years to have kids, they were not prepared to have so many at one time. Getting pregnant with triplets naturally is pretty rare. Just as Sarah and Andy always do, they saw the best of a challenging situation. They had wanted to have more than one child eventually, so instead of having to go through the adoption process multiple times to have kids, they were able to get the family they wanted in one go.


Baby Proofing

Sarah and Andy got to work immediately. They could not wait to meet their new babies and they wanted their home to be ready for when they arrived! The Justices started buying cribs and strollers. They purchased all of the major baby necessities and baby proofing their whole house. Their dream of becoming parents had been a long time coming. Now, Sarah and Andy could finally be the parents they dreamed of and they could not have been more excited!


Party of Five

It was May 2013 and the time finally arrived for Andy and Sarah to meet their new babies! The birth mother’s water broke and she went into labor eight weeks early. Andy and Sarah met the birth mom at the hospital and waited patiently for hours anticipating the arrival of their new babies. Finally, after a long and hard labor, the birth mother delivered three tiny three-pound babies. The newborn triplets, Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth were ready to meet their new parents.


Premature Newborns

The fact that Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth were born eight weeks early was a little bit alarming for new parents, Sarah and Andy. Because they were born prematurely, the triplets had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for some time before they were allowed to be taken home. While in the hospital, the newborn babies developed more and more. Each day the triplets grew stronger until they could finally leave the hospital and go home with their new parents.


One Week Later

Just one week after the triplets were born, Sarah began to feel sick. The adoption process and birth of the triplets had been very stressful on the Justices, so Sarah decided to visit her doctor to check on her health. The new mom wanted to make sure she was healthy enough for the triplets to come home. The doctor thoroughly examined Sarah and tested her for various illnesses. After some time, the doctor returned after he found out why Sarah wasn’t feeling well!


Sarah’s Pregnant

When the doctor returned to the waiting room, he let Sarah know that she was not sick at all. After the doctor ran a series of tests, he discovered that Sarah was actually pregnant! The good news was almost too shocking to believe. Understandably, Sarah was completely surprised by the miracle of her pregnancy. After many years of trying to conceive, she was finally pregnant one week after she adopted triplets! Still, there was one more huge surprise though…



The doctor told Sarah that she was pregnant with another set of multiples! The new mom of triplets was now pregnant naturally with twins after years of thinking she was barren! If anyone else was in the same situation as Andy and Sarah, they probably would feel that this new pregnancy came at the worst time. As we know by now, Sarah and Andy aren’t like anyone else. They take each challenge they are faced with and find the positive in it.



The Justices saw the humor in the situation they were in could not have been happier! Still, they couldn’t believe they were having five babies all under the age of one! Even though the new parents were overwhelmed by the news of multiple multiples, they were still so excited to grow their family even more. Sarah and Andy took a tough situation and moved forward with it. The Justices saw the new pregnancy as a blessing. They could not wait to meet their biological twins.


Family of Seven

A few more months passed, and just as the Justices were getting used to life with the triplets, Sarah went into labor. The twins were on their way into the world and ready to join this new and growing family. Finally, after a long labor, Sarah delivered her new twins, Andrew and Abigail.  Everything went well and Sarah and Andy were ecstatic and ready to adjust to life with five babies. Life with five new babies was a huge change!


How To Feed A Large Family

Fortunately, with the help of the community, family, and friends, Sarah and Andy got all the support they needed. As the Justices adjusted to life without much sleep, members of Tulsa’s Eastland Baptist Church came to Sarah and Andy’s rescue in the nick of time. The church members were ready to chip in and help by donating food to the new family of seven. Community members cooked meals for the Justices and even sent them baby formula.


Community Help

Some friends even offered to help babysit while the couple was at work. Friends and church members were not the only people to offer their times and money. Donations poured in from all over the state. Total strangers pitched in by sending diapers, bottles, blankets, and clothes. Sarah and Andy were so grateful because they really needed the help and the extra diapers. The new family of seven was going through more than 300 diapers and 84 bottles a week!


Huge Changes

The new family of seven grew so much that they needed to rearrange many things. Their schedules completely shifted, and they had to buy a bigger van. They also had to learn how to tell all of their babies apart. Sarah and Andy decided to paint their babies’ toenails with different nail polish colors to remember which baby was which. The nail polish system made it much easier for Sarah and Andy to distinguish each child and figure out feeding and changing schedules.


They Went Viral

It did not take long for the Justice’s remarkable story to hit the internet and go viral. Once the family’s phenomenal story spread, the Justices became internet sensations. Everyone wanted to know about the family of seven. At first, the Justice’s story garnered attention from Facebook and they gained tons of followers. Soon after, people all over the world were interested in seeing the family’s photos and updates. Then, shortly after the story went viral, the family discovered one more huge surprise!


Family of Eight

Though it may be hard to believe, Sarah found out she was pregnant again! The Justice’s welcomed their sixth baby in 2016! Even though the Justices already had their hands full with six children, they both agreed that they wouldn’t have it any other way. Sarah and Andy Justice love being parents more than anything and they couldn’t wait to add another baby to their family. Sarah told the Today show, “It was something we’ve wanted so badly that we love it. We just really love having these children.”

What’s One More

If you already have five children in one year, adding one more in two years is a piece of cake. The Justices are used to having their hands full at all times, so adding another baby into an already full household was not too overwhelming. In some ways, having their sixth baby was easier because it was Sarah and Andy’s first non-multiple child! On the other hand, six young kids at the same time definitely pose some unique challenges.


Baby #6

It is no surprise that having eight people under one roof can get pretty hectic. Just remembering each child’s name can get a little confusing. The oldest triplets are Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth. The twins, Abigail and Andrew arrived a couple months after the trio. Most recently, baby number six joined the squad. Despite the family’s challenges, they are a pretty happy bunch. Just take a peek at how adorable all of the kids look celebrating the fourth of July!


Potty Training

So, who is the newest member of the Justice family? A precious baby boy named Caleb joined the Justice clan in 2016. Around the time he was born, the triplets turned four years old and the twins turned three and a half years old.  For the family of eight, home has become a place that is loud and busy, to say the least. Luckily for Sarah and Andy, most of their children are out of diapers and in the process of potty trained.


Dream Come True

In an interview with Babyology, Sarah Justice opened up and got candid about life with six kids under the age of five. She shared, “Having a number of children is a dream come true. When you wait for something you appreciate it that much more when you get it.” After years of trying to have kids, the mother of six was so grateful for her opportunity to be a mom that she doesn’t even mind being so busy.


Toddler Beds

Since the Justices have expanded their family, many aspects of their lives have changed. Right now, the family has been shifting the way they sleep. The mother of the multiples also shared that all five toddlers are in the process of transitioning into toddler beds. She admitted, “Having five in toddler beds is an adventure. But we are getting there.” Moving five kids that are three to four-year-olds from cribs to beds is a huge feat. Clearly, Sarah and Andy have an immense amount of patience.


Crazy Schedules

So, we are sure you were wondering how the Justices keep up with so many young children at one time. They do it all by having an extremely organized schedule. Organized plans are crucial when you have a big family. The family of eight starts their day off with a morning walk. After the stroll, typically the toddlers have playdate plans with friends and relatives. Then the playdates are often followed by family household chores that are done all together.


Bathroom Time

Anyone with just one growing toddler knows that potty training can take over a parent’s life. Now multiply that by five! A huge part of the family’s day is devoted to bathroom breaks. Sarah got candid with Babyology about the struggle with bathroom time. She shared, “Potty breaks are a big part of our day when you have five children at the same life stage.” Luckily, the Justices will get through that milestone soon and move on to other cleaner activities.


Never Alone

It is pretty incredible that the Justice children will never be left out without anyone to be with. At school, these kids will not ever have to worry about not having someone to sit with at lunch or not having a friend to play with. The mom of six shared, “We never lack playmates and work to promote love and care between the siblings. Our children will always have a friend and will never need to feel lonely.”


Come a Long Way

Over the years, the Justice family has grown and changed a lot. Sarah and Andy have come a long way from having to use 84 bottles and 300 diapers a week. Now, when Sarah and Andy feed baby Caleb, they only need one bottle at a time. According to the parents of six, all of the other kids “absolutely adore their baby Caleb.” The toddlers love playing with their new baby brothers and showering him with hugs and kisses.

Justice familyMW

Getting Along

It is pretty incredible to see how the story of Sarah and Andy’s family has played out. It all started with just the two of them and their struggle to conceive. Now they are in a totally different place in their lives as a family of eight! Sarah shared that she feels lucky that the siblings get along really well. She told Babyology, “He has the best fan club ever and we cannot imagine life without the sweetest, most loved little guy in the world.”

Pregnancy Trouble

After three years of marriage, the Justices felt something was missing. They decided it was time to grow their family. Unfortunately, having babies was not easy for the Justices. For three long years, the sweet couple tried to have babies naturally with no success. Struggling to get pregnant began to put a strain on their marriage. Times were tough but they finally decided it was time to try something else. Sarah and Andy tried to find a fertility doctor.

triplets ultrasound