New Lifelike Robotic Pets Are Helping Seniors Cope With Loneliness

Loneliness is something that affects a lot of senior citizens, particularly in 2020. Fortunately, robotic pets have now been developed that can fight this, providing elderly people with a loyal companion that’s easier to care for than the real thing.

Too Much Hassle

According to UCLA Health, petting animals is actually good for you. It reportedly releases hormones like serotonin and prolactin, which can help lift your mood and relax you. Of course, while this might be the case, you can’t get a pet on this basis alone. Most house animals require a lot of care and attention, something that senior citizens can’t necessarily provide on a regular basis. Thankfully, these new robotic pets don’t require so much dedication.

Designed For Them

Ageless Innovation has designed Joy For All Companion Pets, a line of robotic animals made specifically for senior citizens. The technology in these toys is advanced enough to respond to sound, light, and touch, giving them an authentic feel without the need for constant attention. The hope is that these companions will be able to help those feeling isolated and stressed, because having a pet can do wonders for your mental health.

A Range Of Benefits

It seems these animals can do more than just give a senior citizen some company. One residential home in New York apparently uses these pets in favor of other substances for those suffering from dementia. They provide comfort and calm to those who get agitated in their confusion, thereby making their lives easier.

Also, as the CEO of the nursing home pointed out, the robotic animals are great for boosting the residents’ self-esteem too. That’s because having these pets gives them back some control. They have a chance to be a caregiver to someone else again, rather than it always being the other way around.

These robotic pets sound like an excellent invention for senior citizens, especially in a year like 2020.

How Nobel Peace Prize–Winner Malala Yousafzai Is Celebrating Her Graduation

At one point in her life, Malala Yousafzai didn’t think she would even complete her high school education, let alone graduate from one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. She has worked incredibly hard and has overcome so many obstacles over the course of her life, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this Nobel Peace Prize winner now has the opportunity to celebrate everything that she has achieved.

How Nobel Peace Prize–Winner Malala Yousafzai Is Celebrating Her Graduation

A Troubled Childhood

Malala Yousafzai was born in Pakistan, and while her family were in charge of numerous schools in the area and adored by the local people, the military forces around her were quick to destroy any chance of Malala and the other young girls from making a name for themselves. In fact, they were told that they were no longer allowed an education in 2009, and the girls’ school was closed indefinitely. Malala had big dreams, though, so she continued to pursue her education and inspired others around her to do the same – but in secret.

Becoming A Target

While she was revered by women’s rights groups and organizations, the forces around her were growing increasingly concerned about her influence. So, they made an attempt on her life. Malala was shot in the head and eventually flown to the United Kingdom for life-saving surgery and treatment. Although some suggested that she wouldn’t make it, Malala pulled through. After this, she was more determined than ever to finish school and graduate from college.

How Nobel Peace Prize–Winner Malala Yousafzai Is Celebrating Her Graduation

Heading To Oxford

Now, Malala has graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She posted about her celebrations on social media, where she could be seen sitting around a congratulatory cake with her family and covered in food and confetti after Oxford’s famous “trashing” ceremony. As you can see, she looked pretty proud of herself – and we understand why.

We can’t wait to see what Malala does next!