Facebook Pictures Helped Steak the Cat Get Adopted in Houston

It’s always a blessing when a stray cat finds a forever home. Although this adorable orange tabby named Steak had it rough for a while, thanks to the kindness of people and a little help from social media, his story ends happily!

A cat sitting next to an "Adopt me" sign Steak’s Journey

When Steak was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles, he weighed around 16lb and was suffering from scabies. The rescuers treated him for his skin condition and, once it cleared up, brought him to Best Friends Animal Society in California. Being a sweet and cuddly cat, Steak immediately made a good impression on the staff. The lifesaving outcomes specialist of this institution, Tabitha Newman, said that Steak was a wonderful cat that always welcomed being patted and held. While staying at the center, Steak had gastrointestinal problems and was treated for dry eyes. He was adopted once he got better but was returned to the center only a few months later. That is when the center’s former staff member Diane Barber volunteered to foster him.

Steak the cat with her new owner Cat Pictures on Facebook Got Him Adopted

While in the care of Diane and her wife, Steak was treated for a condition called entropion that was corrected via a minor surgical procedure from which he recovered well. Diane started posting Steak’s pictures on her Facebook profile regularly, and those pictures caught the attention of Diane’s friend from Houston, Doug Parker. He was enchanted by this special feline and his story and decided to adopt Steak as soon as possible. Diane and Karen took Steak on a long drive to Houston, which Steak handled without an issue. Diane said to Best Friends that Steak would wear a harness with no objection and sit with them on a blanket to have picnics. Once in Houston, Steak made a great impression on Doug and his two tuxedo cats with which he immediately got along. Doug said that Steak found himself a favorite spot on the sofa right away. It’s truly heartwarming that this special tabby cat found a caring and devoted owner!

Best Friends: A Pigeon That Can’t Fly and a Chihuahua That Can’t Walk

Since the images of this amazing duo were posted online, they became international sensations that stole the hearts of countless people. Lundy the chihuahua puppy and Herman the pigeon both suffer from disabilities but have nonetheless found a safe haven at The Mia Foundation, where they met and quickly formed this unlikely and amazing friendship.

Chihuahua & Pigeon Cuddle
Best Friends: A Pigeon That Can’t Fly and a Chihuahua That Can’t Walk

How the Unlikely Friendship Started

Herman was first spotted sitting on the pavement in front of a car dealership in Hilton, New York. He was there for a few days before people noticed he couldn’t fly. It turned out that he had an unfixable neurological disorder and the wildlife specialists recommended euthanization. Luckily for Herman, Sue Rogers, the founder of The Mia Foundation, stepped in to save him. This nonprofit organization specializes in rescuing animals with deformities and physical defects.

This was also the place where a sweet chihuahua puppy named Lundy lived due to having “swimmer’s syndrome” that keeps him from moving his hind legs. Herman and Lundy met when Rogers briefly put them on the same bed. They quickly snuggled up together and became virtually inseparable.

Chihuahua & Pigeon
Best Friends: A Pigeon That Can’t Fly and a Chihuahua That Can’t Walk

A New Home for the Adorable Chihuahua

Thanks to the buzz that Herman and Lundy’s pictures created online, the foundation started receiving many generous donations that will be very useful for the care and surgeries needed for many of the animals in their care. Another unexpected and positive outcome of their pictures going viral so quickly is that several people offered to adopt Lundy and give him the happy home a sweet puppy like him deserves, as soon as his health improves enough

Chihuahua & Pigeon Bonding
Best Friends: A Pigeon That Can’t Fly and a Chihuahua That Can’t Walk

Rogers expressed her gratitude to all the generous people who cared enough to donate to the cause of providing care and health treatments to the animals at The Mia Foundation, as well as those who were moved enough to share Lundy and Herman’s story online.