Photos Snapped A Split Second Before It All Went Wrong

Life is all about being at the right place at the right time. Or in the case of these photos, depending who you ask, the wrong place and the wrong time. These pictures were snapped at the exact moment before disaster struck.

Respect The Chain Of Command

The Air Force, like all branches of the armed services, works on a chain of command. The man in the cockpit was in a relatively lower rank for the longest time when he was training to be a pilot. At the end of training, he earned his brass and finally was a full pilot like everyone else. Since he did not have to adhere to the same level of respect and have so much professional distance from his co-pilot, he decided to give him a football coach-style drenching.

Piece Of Cake

When this girl got punished for misbehaving in school, her mother hold her that she cannot have dessert. She took matters into her own hands, literally, by attempting to snatch the plate of strawberry cheesecake from under the table.

Free Falling

As the old joke goes, how many stringy slackers does it take to change a lightbulb? Apparently, looking at this picture, more than one. Paying for the maintenance people to come to the apartment and fix the lightbulb is money that this guy cannot spend. Instead, he decided to go up the ladder without having someone holding it, and decided to wear slippery socks while climbing onto the metal. Now, instead of paying the handyman’s invoice, he will be paying the emergency room bill.

Oh Snap

When these two finished high school, they suddenly got a huge sense of nostalgia for their childhoods. Realizing that one big chapter of your life is over can really get you in the mood to take a moment to look back. They decided to go to the old playground, and instead of playing tennis as they had been those days, go to the swings they used to frequent every Saturday when they were younger. Apparently, the swings were not built for adults.

Pur-fect Timing

When this Malaysian leopard escaped from the zoo, the staff went to look for it. The leopard was apparently angry it had been taken from its home in the wild and forced to be behind bars for the entertainment of paying customers. When it got the chance, it got some revenge on its former keeper, who had treated him less than fairly. The quick reflexes were too slow for the assistant zookeeper with the tranquilizer darts to even taken aim.

Going For A Dip

This guy was just looking to get a picture of himself at the pool, but ended up capturing the perfect moment in time before this woman fell backward into the pool. The remarkable thing is she does not even look like she realizes what is about to happen to her. She and her friends casually keep chatting as she creaks backward into the blue, chlorinated waters of this Eastern European resort. The guy in this photo eventually helped fish her out of the water.

Beer Me

This girl almost did not come out tonight to party. She liked seeing the boys around campus, but at parties, they always dressed up in suits and got out of control. In the beginning of the night, she started regretting that she somehow was dragged out again, and was spending the evening with them when she could have been at home. This photo ironically captures the exact moment when she smiled and thought, “wow, I am actually having a nice time, I am glad I came out to party.”

Flipping Out

These Australian rowers were well known for doing well on serene streams and calm rivers on campuses, so they figured, why not sign up for the competition in the ocean. They were so excited for it, they even got new team outfits, a baby blue with their logo on it. They did not anticipate that they would be so thrown around by the waves. Poseidon was certainly not looking favorably upon them when the boat capsized. This photo captured their reactions just in time.

Frazzled By The Frisbee

This dog loves playing catch, as well as fetch. However, usually, he does it with a ball or a stick. His owner has recently become one of those people who believe that “ultimate frisbee” is a legitimate sport. To practice the flick of the wrist, he got a purple frisbee, and started whipping it around the yard. The dog still has not gotten the hang of it, and sadly got sliced here by the whirring disc. Eventually, though, he was able to catch it in his teeth masterfully.

Goat To The Hospital

This girl wanted to get away from the big city, so she rented a cottage on a farm for the weekend with her boyfriend. They fell in love with the animals that were enclosed in the barn, but went against the owners’ instructions when they brought some inside to take some photos for social media. Just as she was describing this goat as cute, it leapt at her, head first, pushing off of strong hind legs. Luckily, this young kid did not have any sharp horns.

I Believe I Can Fly

One of the coolest things you can do as an extreme sports fan is to replicate the hang time that the professionals experience. This guy lined up the whole skatepark crew to pull off an intense trick that is usually seen only within the confines of a stadium during the X-Games. The idea is to jump the bike off the ramp, and while in the air, let go slightly of the bike, but then to quickly grab on. This guy made the mistake of leaning forward too much.

Cheers And Shambles

This couple had been on the rocks for quite some time, and she decided they were going to take a trip to Munich, Germany together, as one last chance to salvage the relationship. They ordered wursts, potatoes, and knudlen, and to wash it down, some one-liter Hofbrauhaus beers. This was their first meal, so they decided to start the trip off right, by saying cheers, or in German, prost! They toasted to the re-invigoration of their relationship. Not a good sign for their future.


This poor bird was not ready for that was about to hit it. This snake was taken from the jungles of the Amazon and transported to a pet shop by mistake. No shop would ever be allowed to sell such a venomous, predatory snake. The reptile aroused suspicion and caused disaster when it ate all the birds in the area, as well as many of the house pets. The snake was taken by animal control, and the pet store is being sued for damages.

I Think She’s Jealous

When this player of a man left his girlfriend for a new lover, she was left feeling bitter. The new couple made the mistake of going out to party at a place where they should have known his ex might be hanging out. They did not see her, but boy, did she see them. As she drank more and more vodka tonics, her anger took over, and she knew she was going to do something. Eventually, she flung her seventh vodka tonic at his head.

Got It!

This woman did not know what she was getting herself into when she decided to play fetch versus this dog. Her owner warned her the dog was aggressive, but she insisted to try and beat the pup to the frisbee. What she did not consider is that this dog used to be a hunting dog, and was used to clutching half-dead pheasants in its jaws. Sadly, this woman had to get stitches after this ill-fated afternoon in the park.

Pop A Wheelie Off

This guy fancies himself an expert minibike rider, so doing wheelies and other tricks is usually quite easy for him. Since the wheels take such a beating from delivering intense skid marks onto the pavement, they have to be changed regularly. Unfortunately, although this guy is fearless when it comes to riding, he is not an expert mechanic. When it came time for the fifth wheelie, his sub-par understanding of engineering came to light in the most dramatic of ways.

This Girl Is On Fire

These girls went out to celebrate a birthday. They made a special effort to make the birthday girl, seen on the right, happy, as she had been going through a rough patch. They brought her her favorite flowers, and got a few drinks to get loose and silly. At the end of the night, the birthday girl was so thankful to her friends for cheering her up, she wanted to remember this for the rough times. As they documented, she leaned in a bit too close to the candle….

Sweet 16 Trip

These parents have been together for a while, and they fight a lot. The man of the house just wants to be left alone to watch his football, while she feels like he never really listens to her. However, they decided to stop focusing on their own problems in their relationship to plan their daughter’s sweet 16. It was all going well until this happened little slip and fall incident happened, causing another fight between the parents in front of all the party guests.

Stunt Driver

This go-kart racer was determined to win the big race. Perhaps too determined, as he let his hubris get the best of him. He only had been hitting the road and burning rubber for slightly over a year. When it came to the 15th turn around the track, he tried to speed past his rivals. His tunnel vision got the worst of him, and he hit the rumble strip, and then the bumpy grass and high speeds caused him to flip.


When this guy said he had found Thor’s hammer, he really believed it. It was a sort of combination of being shut in his room all day reading Thor comics, and also a dosing error on the part of his psychiatrist. When he went to show his friend that he had found the hammer in an antique shop, he truly believed, with every fiber of his being, that he would be able to magically stop the hammer from cracking his friends’ jaw.

Tipping The Waiter

The ski lodges of Europe are located at the top of the mountain, so those who do not feel like getting all sore can sit and enjoy a hot chocolate and a cold beer. The issue is, the mountain altitude means the air is very thin, and some people start to feel ill and pass out. This is no problem for guests, as they can go lay down inside, and even ask for an oxygen tank. However, this fellow working here tends to pass out while serving drinks.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Onions

This girl has been determined to be on a diet for quite some time. Her eating has been out of control, and she has the double-edged-sword of having free cake at work. It seemed like the universe was against her dieting. After the December holidays, she headed to the grocery store, and bought some vegetables. Her New Year’s resolution immediately started poorly, when the veggies fell out of her shopping bag through a hole; another sign from the cosmos.

Slipped His Mind

This guy’s day started off poorly when he realized that his coffee machine at home was not working. Half-asleep, he fiddled with it for much too long, and knew he would be late to work. Frustrated, he decided to call in and say he was going to be late, and stop by his coffee shop to get a fresh mug on the way. Just as he was satisfied to finally have a cup of joe in his hand, he slipped and fell on the ice.

Always Be Ready

These two are from Lebanon, and had the opportunity to go to Canada for vacation. They were woefully unprepared for the weather, but still were excited for their first snow. By imitating what they saw on TV, they decided to have a snowball fight (without gloves, mind you). It was all fun and games, until one of them decided to make a mega snowball, and thrust it over his head. They then wrestled on the cold snow until they both eventually got colds.

Taking It Too Far

This guy had been a huge fan of ATVs when he saw them on a trip to Florida when he was young. An avid rider, he always loved the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles, which was always at the expense of safety. He preferred a fitted hat to a helmet, and a white t-shirt, rather than a leather jacket. Also, when he decided to put his new girlfriend on the back of the vehicle, he did not account how the center of mass would shift.

Heading The Ball

This guy did not want to join his pals in the pool. They cajoled and pleaded, but he staunchly refused. Eventually, he said he would dip his feet in the water, but he was not going to go for a dip. For some reason, this made it feel like he was rejecting his friends, so they decided to prank him by throwing a soccer ball at his head. One of the friends took a picture just a the moment of impact.

Shipping Costs

This vessel was shipping tons of materials to and from Asia, probably including a lot of things you may have ordered online. However, when the Man-yi typhoon hit, many ships sustained damage. Some even sank. This photo captured the moment before hundreds of shipping containers tipped off the side of this gargantuan vessel. This would make a bounty more than sunken pirate ships, although there would probably be less gold and silver and more sneakers and gadgets in the sunken treasure.

Not Quite Nazareth

This girl thought she would try and impress the boys with her agile, spry movements. All the boys jumped across a little patch of green, muddied lake water, and she thought to herself, like the old taunting song goes, “anything you can do, I can do better.” She wound up, ran, and leapt above the water but slipped at the last minute. This photo captured the last moment before she was covered in the slimy green waters. She did not care as much about the grime as the shame.


These two were tasked with the delivery of a sour yogurt drink to the second floor of this school. They did not want to carry the crates up and down the stairs for hours, so they tried a crazy idea. They decided to stack the crates as high as they could, and then reach out the window on the second floor and simply grab some. However, the boxes were lopsided in weight, which eventually caused the disaster you see that left one running and screaming in fear.

Blame The Husband

This couple went out of their way to have a special dessert that was big enough that everyone would get some. They also were not such huge cake fans, as their European roots made them judge most cakes as try. They had a cone of puffed pastry made, and tried to unwrap it after speeches were made. However, the balance was lost, and everyone, bridge, groom, and guests, gasped with mouths agape as the $250 puff pastry cone fell to the ground. Luckily, it was all wrapped.