Michael J. Fox: His Career, Relationships And Struggles

Michael J. Fox is one of the most iconic actors of his generation. From his dedication to the arts and inspirational life, the Back To The Future star has shown that nothing can break him down.

Secret To Success

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have 27 years of marriage under their belt. Despite their ups and downs the long-standing couple promised that protection is one of the keys to their success. Pollan said, “You just have [to have] the perspective that you’re behind each other’s back – and it helps if you can make each other laugh.”

mjf- wife

Fake Name

Michael J. Fox is one of the most iconic names in the movie industry with so many people looking up to his incredible work. However, when the actor was registered into the Screen Actors Guild he found that his original name was taken and they only accepted unique names so he was forced to come up with something else. He didn’t like the sound of his middle name Andrew so opted to pay homage to the Actor Michael J. Pollard and replicate the J. as his own middle name.

mjf- name

Unusual Casting

One of Michael’s earliest roles was in 1982 where he played Alex P. Keaton on NBC sitcom Family Ties. The show ended up airing for seven successful seasons and thrust Michael into the limelight. It later emerged that the role was not meant to go to Michael at all and he ended up negotiating his part in it over a payphone next to a fast food fried chicken joint. To add insult to injury, the producers initially wanted Matthew Broderick to play his part.

mjf- family ties

Illegal Immigrant

Michael has been vocal about how he is proud of his Canadian roots and citizenship but there was a time when he was trying to escape that reality. Prior to getting his big break, Michael was living and working in the United States illegally and refused to return to Canada in the event that he was barred from going back to the U.S. Michael later spoke of the dilemma and said that he was forced to hire immigration lawyers to sort it out.

emjf- canada

Becoming Jewish

Michael was raised Anglican but after meeting his wife Pollen, who was raised Jewish, began looking into the religion. Although he did not do a full conversion, the actor now considers himself a reform Jew and regularly attends a reform synagogue. His wedding ceremony to Tracy had Jewish ritual elements including the ceremony being conducted under a chuppah. The couple decided to raise their children within the Jewish religion and Michael has said he helped them learn Torah.


Leaving Education Early

Michael quit high school before graduating from his senior year in a move which he called a “stupid youthful mistake.” When he told his teachers he was leaving to go act in Hollywood, they replied “Fox, you’re not going to be cute forever,” with the actor replying “Maybe just long enough, sir.” Due to his decision, Michael told his children they are forbidden to quit high school for Hollywood and they must graduate and go to college.

emjf-high school

Missed Out On Marty

When Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale tried to cast Michael in the now iconic film Back To The Future, Michael had to reject the role due to scheduling conflicts, leading them to cast Eric Stoltz instead. Following six weeks of filming, Eric Stoltz was fired from the role as the directors thought he was “too intense” for the role of Marty McFly. When Michael was approached again, it worked out that he was free of his commitments and he then took over the role.

mjf- mcfly

First Kiss

Fox co-starred with his now wife Tracy on Family Ties and the two played sweethearts on screen. Pollen admitted that their first kiss was on TV and was only because it was written into the script. Interestingly, it wasn’t until the duo began working on the movie Bright Lights, Big City together in 1985 that they started dating in real life. From then, their relationship was a whirlwind and the two were married in the following year.

mjf- first kiss

Something’s Not Right

While Michael was working on Doc Hollywood in 1991, he noticed that his finger was constantly twitching and no matter what he did he couldn’t control it. After trying to hide his ailment for a while, he was told to go and see a doctor to get it checked out. When the doctor then diagnosed the actor with Parkinson’s disease, he knew that he was going to have trouble. When he worked on Spin City in 1996, he would often hide his shaking fingers in his pockets.

mjf- fingers

Hollywood Star

In 2002, Michael was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after boasting quite the incredible acting portfolio. Upon his star being unveiled, Michael was overcome with emotion and was incredibly grateful and said that, “Acting is a great thing to do for a living, to do something you love, and to hear all the time that maybe you’ve done something to make people happy.” The actor was joined by his family, making it a special moment.

mjf- star

Presidential Support

Despite many of his on-screen characters being portrayed as strong Republicans, Michael’s political support off-screen was quite the contrary. In 2008, Fox was a vocal supporter of Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and even took part in some political rallies for the former President. The actor further recalled how on election day, he went to vote in a T-shirt reading “Barack to the Future” which his friend had specially made for him, paying homage to his most famous film role.


Not A Lunchbox Boy

Although NBC gave Michael J. Fox his big break, not all of the executives were so thrilled about the idea of bringing him into their network. NBC’s President, Brandon Tartikoff was not such a fan of the actor initially as he was heard saying that he couldn’t envision Fox’s face on a lunchbox. Despite getting the role, Michael completely refused to allow cheesy marketing techniques including lunch boxes when he was brought onto the show.

mjf- lunchbox

Award Winning Actor

Michael is one of the few actors in Hollywood who can claim they are a three-time consecutive award winner. In 1986, 1987 and 1988, Michael won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for sitcom Family Ties. Following this, in 1998, 1999 and 2000, he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV-Series while he was on Spin City. Michael’s long-list of awards have cemented his position as one of the Hollywood greats.


Family Man

After Michael and Tracy married in 1988, they did not waste any time in having children and their first son, Sam Michael was born in 1989. Six years later, they welcomed twin daughters Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances followed by their final child Esme Annabelle in 2001. Michael has regularly stated how proud he is of all four children and they have gone onto become wise young adults. His eldest children abided by their fathers wishes and now attend college.


Mixing With Royalty

The hype around Back To The Future was so big that the film premiere attracted royalty from across the pond. In a documentary released 30 years after the film, Michael J. Fox was reflecting on the moment that he realized Princess Diana was about to be sitting next to him in big moment. The actor joked, “The movie starts and it occurs to me that I’m a fake yawn and an arm stretch away from being on a date with the Princess of Wales.”

mjf- back to the future

Parkinson’s Announcement

In 1998, seven years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Michael finally made the news public in an interview with People magazine. His rep released a statement saying “It is important to Mr. Fox to convey that he lives a normal, thriving and happy life, and since his diagnosis seven years ago he has been active as an executive producer and star of a very successful television series.” He told the magazine that he was in the mild late stages of the condition.

mjf- speaking

Canadian Honor

Aside from receiving a star on Canada’s walk of fame, in 2011, Michael received the Order of Canada for his contribution to the arts and Parkinson’s disease research. Michael was humbled to receive the highest award for a Canadian and said “To be thought of and recognized as distinctly Canadian is just the highest honor,” he continued in giving thanks and speaking about his Canadian roots, asserting that, “Being Canadian is intrinsic to who I am.”

mjf- honor

Close Call On Concorde

In 2000, Michael and his family were traveling from Paris to New York on supersonic passenger airliner Concorde on a Monday and the following day, that same plane crashed. Michael revealed the family had considered changing their flight to the next day which would have landed them on the plane which went down. He recalled that he heard about the tragedy on the news and was in such shock that he immediately started to weep.

mjf- concorde

Michael The Heartthrob

Even though Michael became famous in his 20’s, he was still considered a teen heartthrob due to playing teenagers in sitcoms. His diminutive size, standing at 5 ft 3, meant that he stayed a young icon for a long time and his popularity led him to become the face of Family Ties. The young Canadian was amongst the original group of heartthrobs of the 80’s, plastered all over the walls of teenage girls. Michael’s thriving career in acting certainly reflected this.


The Michael J. Fox Show

After a lon hiatus from sitcoms, Michael returned to televisions in 2013 in The Michael J. Fox Show. The sitcom on NBC was based on Michael’s life and he portrayed the character Mike Henry who suffered from Parkinson’s disease and was forced to give up his career as a news anchor and focus on his health and family but later returns to work, and the show documents the struggles. Although there was plenty of hype surrounding the show, NBC cancelled it after one season.

mjf- show

Hover Board Trouble

When Back To The Future his movie theaters, almost everyone was desperate for a real life version of a hover board but Michael J. Fox was the only one who was seen riding one. The hover board was created by graphics, but Michael had to do his part by riding a skateboard to simulate the movements. Fox did fine in the first movie but in the years until the second, he forgot the skill and had to relearn it.


Childhood Dreams

Growing up in Canada, Michael had dreams of being a National Hockey League player and would regularly play with his friends. However, due to his small stature he couldn’t play as effectively as the others and it became an issue when he tried to improve his game. When his hockey dreams were crushed, he found a new love for acting, art and music in his early teens and focused his attention to making it big in the arts.

mjf- hockey

Carrie On

At the height of both of their careers in the 1980’s, Michael dated Sarah Jessica Parker in a romance which had the media desperate for the gossip. The Sex and the City actress was in high demand by many actors in Hollywood but she decided to go for the Spin City actor. Michael and Jessica’s relationship lasted just a year but the details of their relationship weren’t public knowledge. However, they were often photographed together. From this, many speculated if their relationship was a PR move.

mjf- sjp

Special Sneakers

In 2016, Nike teamed up with Michael to produce a pair of sneakers that matched the ones Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future II. The famous self-lacing kicks were produced by the sportswear brand and only 89 pairs were made available. However, the shoes were not for purchase and the only way to grab a pair was to enter a raffle for $10 with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which aims to tackle Parkinson’s disease.

mjf- nike

Luxury Homes

Thanks to his lucrative movie and TV deals, Michael J. Fox boasts quite the impressive real estate portfolio. In 2008, he snapped up an impressive 6 bedroom, 7.5 bathroom home in Southhampton, New York for $6.3 million. Following this, in 2012, Michael and his wife Tracy Pollan presented their beautiful Manhattan apartment in famed magazine, Architectural Digest. The Upper East Side pad was renovated in order to rejuvenate the place they raised their four children in with a more sophisticated and expensive style.



In 2000, Michael founded The Michael J. Fox Foundation which is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through research and development. Through the $650 million investment into the organization, it has become the largest nonprofit funder of Parkinson’s research worldwide. In 2010, the Foundation launch the first large-scale clinical study which cost them $45 million over a 5 year period. The groundbreaking research from Michael’s Foundation has assisted millions of people suffering with the disease and has enabled them to try and keep it at bay.

mjf- foundation

Olympic Ambassador

At the 2010 closing ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Michael J. Fox spoke as an ambassador for his country. He said that despite the fact that he made his success in the States, Canada will always have his heart and he would always support them over anyone else. In his comedic speech as part of the “I Am Canadian” segment, Fox pledged his allegiance to his home. Almost immediately after this, he was given the highest honor award for a Canadian.

mjf- olympics

Time 100

In 2007, Time magazine named Michael J. Fox in their 100 people of the year. His name and bio appeared under the ‘heroes and pioneers’ section and the article delved into his incredible work, being a legendary actor and his philanthropy for Parkinson’s disease. The magazine stated “He is to be celebrated for his work, his kindness, his humor under duress, and for a noble heart.” Michael also appeared in the list the previous year for his dedication to stem-cell research through his foundation.

mjf- 2006

IStay Away, Tay

Michael has always considered himself a protective father and when he was asked if his 23-year-old son was secretly dating Taylor Swift in an interview. Michael then turn around and categorically said, “No. No … Just back off, I don’t keep up with it all, but Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?” He further quipped “What a way to build a career.” Taylor must have heard the message loud and clear as there were no further rumors with the eldest Fox.

mjf- taylor

No Pity For Michael

In all of Michael’s advocacy for Parkinson’s disease, he has always maintained he is strong and won’t let the disease get the better of him. In regard to his work, he has stated that he is thankful that people think of him as the incredible actor he is without pitying his diagnosis. He spoke about the way people treat him explaining that, “Because of all the things I’ve done, nobody pities me, and that’s great. I couldn’t stand it.”

mjf- parkinsons

Michael’s Troubles

In a revealing interview, Michael admitted that in the late 80’s, his drinking got out of control when he became increasingly aware of the staring and whispering. He said that “I come from a Canadian background: you drink to the point of saturation.” His admission surprised many people as he appeared to be one of the actors that had total control of his life who didn’t turn to addiction in order to cope with the fame and success.

mjf- addiction

First Impressions

Michael and Tracy Pollan famously worked together on Family Ties but their relationship did not get off to the best start. Pollan spoke of her first impressions of Michael stating,  “He was feeling good about himself. I think I thought he was kind of full of himself. And then we started to work together and I got a completely different impression and how completely opposite from that he was—just funny and so smart.”

mjf- tracy

Coping With Parkinson’s

Michael’s relapse for his alcoholism came at a difficult time in his life while he was trying to understand and take hold of his Parkinson’s diagnosis. He admitted, “I used to drink to party, but then I was drinking alone, every day.  It was about a year of a knife fight in a closet, where I just didn’t have my tools to deal with it. But then after that I went to therapy, and it all started to get really clear to me.”

mjf- alcohol

Honorary Degree

Despite leaving high school before graduating, Michael was able to get a second chance at degree. In 2017, Michael was awarded a doctorate from Stony Brook University for his dedication to the fine arts. University President Dr Samuel L. Stanley Jr., the university’s president “it is highly appropriate for Stony Brook University to recognize his many contributions as they continue to transform the lives of so many, just as our graduates are empowered by their Stony Brook degree to make an equally positive impact on the world.”

mjf- doctorate

Bigger Picture

Michael has been open about his life with Parkinson’s but has insisted that he has never felt “cheated” by his condition. Instead, he focused on the journey it had taken him on, explaining “It’s been a detour that I wouldn’t have planned, but it’s really led me to amazing places.” He continued in saying that his advocacy work with his foundation has given him so much purpose in his life and said it is “certainly bigger than being on TV every Thursday for half an hour.”

mjf- bigger picture

Sitcom Romances

In 2016, Will & Grace star Megan Mullally revealed that her and Michael had a secret romance in the 80’s. The successful sitcom stars were said to have gone on a handful of dates but they struggled in hiding their fling. Megan revealed “I remember being in the car and the car pulling up next and seeing him and people screaming and going crazy.” Although it was short-lived, neither one of them were single for two long and they found their long-term partners soon after.

mjf- megan

Michael’s Denial

When Michael was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s he was in denial and took a long time to come to terms with the prognosis. For seven years he lived in secrecy, often forgoing his medication to forget about his tough reality. However, when he did start to deal with it, he went all in and underwent all the correct processes to slow down the progression of the condition. He was expected to be disabled by 2017 but has defied all odds.

mjf- doctors

Escaping Death

Michael has been known to be rather injury prone by his closest call came on the set of Back To The Future III. In one of the scenes, Marty was being hung by villains and in order to get the best shot, Michael had to agree to have a rope around his neck. A special mechanism was put in place to stop him from actually getting hung but the machine failed and Michael was swinging from the rope and being starved of oxygen!

mjf- hanging

Tracy’s Suffering

Michael and Tracy have been married for 29 years and she has stood by him through everything. Due to Michael’s condition, many speculated that his wife was struggling and was forced to put up with everything but the actor was quick to shut down the rumors. He spoke of his wife’s amazing attitude saying, “I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Tracy, I don’t doubt that. People picture Tracy as this paragon of stoicism, this long-suffering wife, and that’s all b*******.”

mjf- tracy rumors

Through The Good And Bad

The long-term couple have managed to have a mutual respect understanding of their scenario and take it with a pinch of salt. He said of their commitment to each other, “When I told her about the Parkinson’s I said to her, ‘Are you in for this?’ and she said, ‘I’m in for it.’ And that was it. It was still a struggle but that was a really great moment. She is so funny and she puts up with my happy idiot persona.”

mjf- game

Money Struggles

When Michael first moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, his first role did not come for a while and he became severely strapped for cash. The actor admitted he had to load up on cheap mac and cheese as that was all he could afford to eat. The struggling actor sold half of a sectional couch to his neighbor and sold paper back books to the local bookstore for extra money and also had to borrow money for rent from his parents.

mjf- money

40+ Interesting Things We Had No Idea Existed

These Things Will Leave You Gobsmacked!

Louis Armstrong was not lying — it really is a wonderful world we live in. The world is filled with strange things only deemed possible in fiction. From bubblegum lakes to offsprings of zebras and horses, there are unlikely things all over the world. We’ve found such weird and interesting things that you may have never heard of. Let’s find out more!

Eclipse at Sunset

This photo is very special, as the likelihood of a solar eclipse happening right during sunset is quite rare. The sun here, looking like a crescent, is actually completing an eclipse right at the time of the sunset.

Eclipse at Sunset

This looks like a scene straight out of a Star Wars movie! Solar eclipses are rare occurrences, a total eclipse may happen at the same spot only once every 360 years. What are the chances of one happening right at dusk?

A Path-Laying Machine

This is one of the coolest innovations ever! Imagine printing out streets, literally. Path laying machines are used for block paving. It’s an alternative to typical streets that are made of asphalt. The mechanism is pretty simple.

A Path-Laying Machine

The machine lays bricks by interlocking patterns and simultaneously lays hundreds of bricks in a short time. Launched by a Dutch company Vanku B.V., this six-meter wide device is known as the “Road Printer,” but its official name is “Tiger Stone.”

The Most Expensive Watch in the World

This Patek Philippe piece is the most expensive watch in the world. The internal mechanism of this watch is one of the most beautiful things ever. This is living proof of how complexity equates to beauty.

The Most Expensive Watch in the World

Patek Phillipe is considered to be the best watchmaker in the whole world, understandably so. Each gear is delicate and fits perfectly with the others like a puzzle piece. It’s almost like a music box in disguise, playing the sound of time.

A Curvy Border Fence

The US-Mexican border area has an amazing part — this curvy border near Algodones Sand Dunes. This 1000-square-mile complex is the largest dune system in the US. The picture here is of the Border Patrol fence.

A Curvy Border Fence

It was constructed in 2008 to separate the two countries, being almost 11 miles long and 15 feet high. The curvy border looks dangerous due to the way sand has been accumulating on the structure.

An Eggshell Drilled With Holes

This looks like something the pianist Liberace would own had he been alive. It has more than 20,000 drill holes to achieve this grapevine design. Also, this happens to be the most expensive egg in the whole world!

An Eggshell Drilled With Holes

Famous artist Franc Grom created this exquisite looking eggshell. The 70-year-old Slovenian artist excels in drill arts, which is the art of carving a structure and designing it by drilling holes.

Perfect Cubes Exist

Perfect cubes do exist in real life, all thanks to Mother Nature. These cubes are actually crystals of pyrite. This is a type of stone you will often find near an aquifer. These cubes can be almost 15 centimeters long on each side. Pyrites are sulfur ores.

Perfect Cubes Exist

If you ever see inside the crystal structure, you would notice these sulfur molecules at the center of the structure. You can find them most commonly in Navajun, Spain — exactly in this perfect square shape.

Molten Glass After a Fire

While it looks like something out of a movie, it’s real life. A sad one, that is. This picture has been taken from a fire-damaged building. In general, glass melts at 2552° to 2912° Fahrenheit. At this temperature, normal quartz melts and sublimates.

Molten Glass After a Fire

The melted glass in the picture is actually quartz. The reason it looks like this is because of the effect of cooling. It solidified instantly, just as it was melting. One thing is certain — the fire was savage.

A Child’s Skull

We don’t know how to feel — this is a weird combination of creepy and upsetting. This skull is from a baby who still had her baby teeth. Adult teeth are fully formed, so you’d never see such formation in adult skulls.

A Child’s Skull

Babies have milk teeth that are yet to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. While this is an interesting fact, the photo is extremely freaky and sad.

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

This is the deepest pool in the world. If you’re down for scuba diving, this can be a starting point. Be careful, though, as it’s almost 148 feet deep and contains 20 times the amount of water present in a regular 25-meter pool.

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

It’s built as a training and practice facility for professional divers. This pool will even feel like the real ocean, as it has a simulated blue hole and Mayan ruins inside!

Train-Bridges Exist

Abandoned trains now have a new purpose! You will find this train turned bridge in Georgia. Over the years, this has become a very popular tourist site. This is a great idea for repurposing abandoned cars.

Train-Bridges Exist

Until now, nobody knows who did this or how this train was brought here — it’s all a big mystery. We don’t know how long this bridge will last, though, as the structure has been falling off due to corrosion. At least we have a picture to remember it by!

A Giant Sword Monument

Sverd i fjell, or Swords in Rock, is located in the Hafrsfjord neighborhood of Rogaland county, Norway. It was designed and created by the famous sculptor Fritz and unveiled by King Olav V of Norway in 1983.

A Giant Sword Monument

It was curated as a memorial for the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 A.D. Despite being a war monument, this structure is made to represent peace. Why? Notice how the swords are still connected to the ground — meaning they were never removed.

This Cabbage With Perfect Geometry

You don’t need boring math books to learn about geometry. Nature has many mathematical wonders as well. Take this cabbage, for instance. The cross-section of this cabbage is an immaculate representation of geometry in nature.

This Cabbage With Perfect Geometry

Does the pattern look similar? Well, it should. You’ll find similar patterns in many places in nature and it has a name — the Fibonacci Series. Is this enough inspiration to study math? We think so!

A Digitally Distorted Cabinet

No, your computer screen has not been distorted. This cabinet is designed to recreate the digital distortion. While some parts of the furniture look normal, other parts are carved to create the illusion of being glitched.

A Digitally Distorted Cabinet

It was created by an Italian designer Ferrucio Laviani for his furniture brand — Fratelli Boffi, the Good Vibrations. It was carved by a CNC machine in this way. The disorienting design of this cabinet is the main focus of this art.

Human Vision vs. Cat Vision

Ever wondered what our feline companions see when they look up at us? Do we look like giants to them or like big cats? Below are two pictures that show just how different their vision is from ours. Cats are unable to detect all the colors humans can.

Human Vision vs. Cat Vision

They also have trouble seeing objects that are too far away. However, their ability to see in the dark far supersedes ours, as their eyes are specialized to do so.

UFO Clouds

There are few lenticular shaped clouds, also known as UFO clouds because they’re truly shaped like a UFO spaceship. You can see them occasionally, not always. They’re more often seen in California skylines.

UFO Clouds

There are countless stories of people making them out to be UFO, but this cloud has nothing extraterrestrial about them. It’s all just science. When stable and moist air encounters a larger eddy, it tends to condense and form these lenticular clouds.

Grass After a Lightning Strike

Is this where Marvel’s Thor landed on Earth? Or Lex Luthor tested the Kryptonite from Superman? It seems like both but it’s actually just due to lightning!

Grass After a Lightning Strike

The lightning pattern was created as the grass burnt in the pattern of the lightning when it struck the ground. Don’t worry, though, the grass is not gone yet. The grass is already starting to grow in the burnt area, so we don’t know how long this design will stick around.

This Bridge Over Icy Water

No, this is not a painting. This is a real picture of a bridge crossing an ice-cold river. The ice looks like white cheeseballs. The photo was taken either right before the spring or the end of the winter.

This Bridge Over Icy Water

The temperature was not cold enough to keep all the water solid. The ice is starting to melt and formed these oval to round shapes! From this aerial point of view picture, this looks nothing like anything we’ve seen before!

A Shed Lizard Skin

Lizards. like most reptiles, shed. This process is called molting. They shed their outer skin at a specific time of the year, the duration varying with the type of lizards being considered.

A Shed Lizard Skin

The outer part left by the reptile is exquisite, to say the least. It’s like a sculpture by nature, freezing time at one point. You can see every detail of their skin and body in the shed skin.

This ‘Loaf’ Art

Put aside your jam and butter. This is a loaf we cannot eat! They are, in fact, inedible. Master glassblower Loren Stump, who is based in California, has awed the internet with this art piece.

This ‘Loaf’ Art

It’s made from glass. The artist carved every possible detail into these loaves, adding historical stories onto the glass. What if this loaf was edible? Perhaps we’re lucky it’s not, or havoc would ensue. It does look too pretty to eat!

An Airport With a Road

This is the Gibraltar International Airport, also known as North Front Airport. It’s perhaps the riskiest and most interesting airport in the world. The History Channel featured this airport in its list of ‘Most Extreme Airports of the World.’

An Airport With a Road

It’s ranked as the fifth most extreme airport and it makes perfect sense as to why. The road crossing through the runway is usually handled very cautiously. Yet, accidents have occurred many times in this airport, the most recent one in 2017.

Cross-Section of an Undersea Cable

These are the reasons you are able to read this article in the first place. Submarine communications cables are generally laid on the sea bed to carry communication signals across the ocean. They are the reason the global internet exists.

Cross-Section of an Undersea Cable

The cross-section of undersea cables looks beautiful and the mechanism behind it is pretty interesting. These are essentially fiber optics, using different material densities inside to let total internal reflection occur.

A Liter-Bottle of Soda

So, we’ve been paying for air all this time? Sadly, yes. This picture is great to understand how soda is made. Most of what we know as soda is only a small portion of the whole drink but it’s still the main ingredient as it’s responsible for the flavor.

A Liter-Bottle of Soda

Soda companies are always tight-lipped about how this formula solution is made. After getting the solution, all you have to do is add sugar, water, and compressed air!

This Picture That Isn’t a Collage

Deceptive art at its best. The artist cleverly created the collage look by dividing the frame into four distinguished sections. And although each section has completely different elements from each other, you’ll notice there are a couple of objects that continue on to each section to create some sort of connection.

This Picture That Isn’t a Collage

The stark contrast has given the illusion of the four frames are individual pictures. But, tt’s not a collage of different pictures! Art can be both descriptive and deceptive at the same time.

Slice of an Airplane

Ever wondered what happens if you slice through a plane midway? The cross-section of this airplane is a passenger compartment. Fun fact, the passenger compartment is right above where the fuel is, which is why it’s also called a fuselage.

Slice of an Airplane

Airplanes are manufactured in many parts. After all of the parts are developed, they are assembled together to complete the finished body of the airplane. The following photo is taken from an airplane manufacturing site.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The International Space Station is the dream destination of every astronaut. And while it’s super fascinating, it can also be quite lonely. Captured by the Space Station, this photo is of the Space Shuttle Atlantis during its launch.

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Atlantis is one of the most famous and successful space shuttles of all time, having completed more than 33 missions in its 25 years of service. It landed for the final time at the Kennedy Space Center in July of 2011.

This Stack of Coins

Who knew a stack of coins could look so satisfying? This picture of the stack is slightly different, almost unsettling. Notice how the coins aren’t falling to the ground even without being secured on the table? That’s foundation 101!

This Stack of Coins

Each coin is stacked under one another to make a structure like this even happen. The forces of physics are holding the coins up, so that gravity can’t pull them down. It’s kind of like Jenga — and you might agree if you’ve ever played it.

A Thousand Year Old Plant

This plant has seen things! Scientists assume this plant has lived for 2,000 years. Welwitschia Mirabilis is a rare plant, having an estimated life span of between 400 to 1,500 years. They grow during the summer.

A Thousand Year Old Plant

This photo was taken in the Namib Desert, where the plant is still growing. The plants consist of roots, a stem base, and only two leaves. The reason behind their long life is still a big mystery.

The Happiest Animal in the World

Isn’t this the cutest animal ever? This is a picture of a quokka. They are found on the small islands off the coast of Western Australia. According to National Geographic, they are the “happiest animal in the world.”

The Happiest Animal in the World

We can thank biology for that. The bone structure of quokkas makes them appear to be smiling all the time. The only sad thing? They’re not as well known as they should be.

Zebroids Are Real

One fine day, a zebra and horse decided to bring to the world an adorable hybrid offspring — a zebroid. While it has black and white striped legs, the rest of the body is the same as a horse.

Zebroids Are Real

It looks like a horse wearing striped socks and has to be one of the cutest animals in the world. Other names for them include zonkey, zorses, and a bunch of names given by amateurs. We think ‘zebroid’ is the coolest name, though.

This Bubblegum Pink Lake

Pink is not a color we expect water to be! This bubblegum pink lake is actually Lake Hillier in Australia, also known as Hutt Lagoon. Don’t hop into the lake thinking it’s Candyland — you’d be severely disappointed.

This Bubblegum Pink Lake

The pink color is thought to be due to the excessively high amount of salt in the water. All that glitters is not gold and now we see that all that’s pink is not cute!

A Unique Smelling Space Cloud

Stunned by the beauty of space? Well, you certainly can be, according to this fact. There’s a cloud in outer space called Sagittarius B2, containing ethyl formate. Ethyl Formate is found in many things on Earth, especially certain fruits!

A Unique Smelling Space Cloud

This chemical also has varying effects on the human body. If you’re near this cloud, you’d certainly be slightly incoherent. Luckily, the chance of you getting near it is close to zero.

A 12-Course Meal in a Can

How convenient would it be to fit all your meals into one can? Well, now you can! This ordinary tin can actually contains a 12-course meal. It has cheese sourdough bread, charred strawberry with Kobe beef, and poached halibut in truffle sauce.

A 12-Course Meal in a Can

These posh dishes are worthy of a Michelin Star restaurant’s menu! The only catch? They are all pureed and made into jello! Christopher Godfrey made this layered goodness to show how a product can get ruined by excessive sales techniques.

An Icy Planet on Fire

Another space wonder. Outer space is the most wondrous place ever, we must say. There are things there we could only have imagined, straight out of science fiction. This picture is a drawing, but it is a drawing of a real planet.

An Icy Planet on Fire

Gliese 436b, a Neptune sized exoplanet is the most exquisite looking planet. The beauty and wonder come from it looking like it’s burning and freezing all at the same time!

Tunnel of Cascading Flowers

This looks like a picture looks straight from an anime. Japan is home to many beautiful and peculiar things. This one is particularly beautiful, though. This is the Kawachi Fuji Garden, located in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Tunnel of Cascading Flowers

It’s a flower tunnel and the flowers you’re seeing are a special type found in only a handful of places around the world. The wisteria flowers are pretty rare and very pretty. These are a member of the pea family, a type of ornamental vine.

A Fluffy Plant

These plants are called Raoulia. These weird yet beautiful shrubs produce small and white leaves. When they cover the surface, they look like these wooly stuff-almost like sheep. If you were not looking properly, you might end up feeling guilty stepping on them.

A Fluffy Plant

You’re most likely to come across them in New Zealand, or in some alpine areas. Many people shared how they thought it was stranded sheep but it turned out to be this plant. They are actually dubbed as “vegetable sheep.”

On Fire for 50 Years

Centralia, Pennsylvania has one of the lowest populations in the world and it makes sense why. This town has been on fire for more than 50 years! The situation began in 1962 when someone set a fire to burn out a landfill.

On Fire for 50 Years

The place had an old strip-mine pit. This was connected with many coal-mile tunnels. Result? An underground inferno. Since then, the town was abandoned and only a few people live there as of now.

The Heaviest Flower

Rafflesia is a huge sized flower. This crimson monster will look like a giant beside regular plants. It also happens to be the largest flower in the world. It’s a pretty strange flower that has no leaves, stems, or roots.

The Heaviest Flower

It has this eye-catching enormous center. They weigh more than 20 pounds and also happen to be one of those rare flesh-eating plants. In fact, if you go near it, you’d smell a very pungent smell of rotting meat.

Heart-Shaped Fruits

When life gives you watermelons, turn them into heart-shaped melons! Japan is famous for tweaking and tricking nature and coming up with amazing creative things.

Heart-Shaped Fruits

You can get a cube or heart-shaped watermelon, and these are not gimmicks — these are real fruit. They’re shaped like this while being grown. There are different shaped vegetables too and you can even request your own shapes of fruits if you like.

Rainbow Mountain Range

This looks like something out of The Wizard of Oz. It’s a real photo of a place in China. Also known as the Rainbow Mountains, located at Zhangye, Danxia Landform Geological Park.

Rainbow Mountain Range

This place is filled with a varying range of colorful sandstones and minerals. This is all naturally made, a result of minerals and sandstones being pressed together for 24 million years. Nature works in weird ways, huh?

Tunnel of Leaves

If you ever travel to Ukraine, do visit this train tunnel in Klevan. It’s a three-mile passageway filled with leaves. The tunnel is known to many as ” The Tunnel of Love,” as it’s deemed as one of the most romantic places in the world.

Tunnel of Leaves

The path actually follows a railroad track, the train molding the trees to grow in such ways. A train still passes through the track, so you can enjoy the site while sitting on a train, hopefully with a date.

Edible Wallpaper

All thanks to the wonders of science, you can now lick the wallpaper of your room. However, it’s risky if you have dogs, as chocolates are toxic for man’s best friend. Apparently, this lickable wallpaper is made for all those people who love chocolates.

Edible Wallpaper

Inspired by Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, this delicacy disguised as wallpaper is a pretty famous party decor around the world. These are pretty affordable and available in many candy stores, especially around Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The Largest Cave in the World

This is the biggest cave in the world and is able to fit a 40-story building. We wonder, though, are these actually the habitats of dinosaurs? Perhaps so. This is the Hang Son Doong Cave, located in Vietnam.

The Largest Cave in the World

The cave is almost 2.5 miles long, the passageway being 300 feet wide. It can really fit a typical 40-story building in New York. It’s also dubbed as one of the most magical caves in the world and a hotspot for tourists.

This Vertical Forest

Who said forests can be only horizontal? They can be vertical, too! Vertical forests are gaining popularity nowadays and this picture is from one of the latest man-made vertical forests in the world. This is known as Milan’s Bosco Verticale — the vertical forest of Milan.

This Vertical Forest

It has almost 500 large and medium-sized trees, 5,000 shrubs, and more than 11,000 plants in total, all draped around 100 residential apartments. Pretty cool, huh?

These Camo Golf Balls

No, these are not mini watermelons. These are called Camo golf balls, or more commonly called camouflage balls. These are a type of practice golf balls. Because they mimic the color combinations of gold court grass, they are called camouflage balls.

These Camo Golf Balls

These are used to build stronger skills of predicting the trajectory — a must-have analytical ability expected of golfers. If you’re interested in golfing, try collecting these. They’re pretty cheap!


The anomalies of nature also end up being one of the most interesting things in the world. A bottlenose dolphin and a whale decided to get busy and we ended up with wholphins!


The only living hybrid of these two species is a female offspring called Kekaimalu. The good news, though, is that she gave birth to three babies with a bottlenose dolphin. The family lives in Sea Life Park, on Oahu island of Hawaii.