Lewis Hamilton’s Praiseworthy Gesture at the Met Gala

This year’s Met Gala celebrated all things American, with its theme being “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” The red carpet, much like every year, saw the who’s who decoding the theme and flaunting their interpretation of the same. And amongst the other stars, Lewis Hamilton stood out for this one nice gesture of his.

Lewis Hamilton Does a Good Deed

Lewis Hamilton, a British racing driver, proved by his one not-so-small gesture that he didn’t just talk the talk but also walked the talk. The Formula One and seven-time world champion had a table set up for young Black designers. Hamilton saw the opportunity of informing the world about the contribution of the Black designers in American history and took it.

Lewis’s panache for music and fashion is no secret. Apart from being the Formula One driver, he takes a very keen interest in many other things. Given this is his sixth appearance at the Gala, it’s safe to say that fashion is definitely something that spikes his interest. In the interview, Hamilton talked about how important it is for him to uplift and celebrate Black culture and the people. Adding to it, he said that this year’s Met theme was a perfect way to express this thought. Lewis brought three (might we add well deserved) Black designers to the Gala – Edvin Thompson, Jason Rembert, and Kenneth Nicholson. Apart from the Black designers, Sha’Carri Richardson, American sprinter and singer Kehlani, and British fencer Miles Chamley-Watson were also a part of the group sitting at the table.

Why Is it a Big Deal?

Met Gala is a star-studded affair and an expensive one at that. Even a single ticket to the Gala costs $35,000. And single tickets are not sold at the Gala. The big brands buy the table and invite celebrities to attend. Given how expensive the table can be at the Gala, small-time designers cannot generally afford it. This means they are left out of the biggest fashion event that can actually advance their careers. Hamilton’s gesture gave these designers the much-needed spotlight.

These Students Used Their School Trip Money to Help Family Who Lost Everything in a Fire

Children don’t always get the best rap. They are often considered to be rude and judgmental, they are thought to be bad-tempered and selfish, and many adults look down on them on a regular basis. However, these stereotypes do not represent the real characteristics that many youngsters possess. Many are often extremely generous and selfless, and these students proved just that when they used their school trip money to help another family who lost everything in a fire.

These Students Used Their School Trip Money to Help Family Who Lost Everything in a Fire

A Devastating Turn of Events

For many people, losing their family home in a fire is one of their biggest fears, and this became a reality for one family from Grusch in Switzerland. When their farm caught alight, they lost their stables, their family home, and much of their land was burned to a crisp. Considering the buildings were around 300 years old, this not only came as a blow to the family in question, but also those who lived in the surrounding areas.

Shocked by the News

One of the members of the family went to the local school, and when their classmates learned of what had happened, they were extremely shocked and saddened by the news. Because of this, they knew that they had to help. Not only did they ask local businesses to donate food, clothes and other everyday items to the family, but they also decided to give the money that had been saved up for their end-of-year school trip to the family so that they could rebuild their home.

These Students Used Their School Trip Money to Help Family Who Lost Everything in a Fire

Turning it Down

To begin with, the family turned it down, as they didn’t want to put anyone out of pocket. However, when the students insisted, they took the money and rebuilt their stables with it. When a local news station heard of their generosity, they knew that they also had to step in and help, so they organized an end-of-year- trip for them – free of charge.

It’s true that good deeds really are rewarded.