The Real Story: Kirstie Alley’s Big Life

Kirstie Alley may have shared the secrets behind her weight loss over the years but, behind the surface, Alley has a lot more interesting secrets to share about her love life.

True Love

Expressing “it took everything that I had inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John,” you wonder why the pair didn’t end up doing so. And while Travolta is married to Kelly Preston, Alley states that their destiny wasn’t set for marriage as “when you marry someone, you’re supposed to work hard at it and you’re supposed to make it work.” Alley was in fact married to Parker Stevenson, and regardless if he knew, Preston was sure to check in on the flirting between the two.


Addressing The Rumors

With the rumor mill on full speed in Hollywood, there are certain questions the public want to be answered. And while many stars like to keep their personal life private (annoyingly), it is up to other people in the business to address the circulating rumors. While Alley is not afraid to hide her private life, she is also happy to shed light on others. That is exactly what she has done when rumors spread about John Travolta.


Defending Her Friends

Alongside her personal truths, Alley has been outspoken on the rumors that John Travolta is interested in men. With her utmost certainty, Kirstie was quick to rule out any possibility that there is any truth to this rumor. Rather she sees it as Hollywood’s response to the lack of scandals surrounding an A-list figure. Since Travolta has not been involved in any public scandal, such as womanizing and experimenting with illicit substances, this was what the media had to work with.


Look Who’s Been Talking

Meanwhile, Alley has publicly expressed that John Travolta is “the greatest love of my life”. The actors have co-starred alongside each other on two films and maintained a long-term close friendship. While they also share the fact they follow Scientology in common, Kirstie saw that the pair were not right to marry, despite her claims of absolute affection for the actor. Playing on screen husband and wife, the dynamic duo found it in themselves to keep it strictly professional.


Keeping It In The Family

The Look Who’s Talking star was once married to Bob Alley, but they eventually divorced after seven years together. Now, you may think the actress chose to keep the last name of her first husband, as she is both professionally and personally known as Kirstie Alley. Though, this is not the case. The pair who went to high school together, were, in fact, distant cousins and her husband shared the same family name as her father….who was also called Robert.

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Affairs and Subsequent Divorce

In Kirstie Alley’s tell-all book, she has also revealed the downfall of her first marriage. Similar to the revelation about her time with Swayze, Alley has confirmed that she did have an affair while married to her high school sweetheart, Bob Alley. In her book, she states that her and the guy, who she references as Jake, kissed and were physical with one another. In her eyes, she saw that as a clear indication that she must get a divorce.


Falling For Patrick Swayze

In her book, The Art of Men, Kirstie reveals her romance with Patrick Swayze. In her book, she claims the Dirty Dancing star wanted her to divorce her husband and marry him. While she was willing to break up her marriage, she states, she was not ‘willing to break up his’.


Putting Their Marriages In The Corner

Alley and Swayze co-starred alongside each other in the film North and South, in which sparks flew immediately between the pair. Discussing how the pair connected on an emotional level and how they fell in love with one another, Alley saw both their marriages in jeopardy and their situation as being ‘doubly as bad.’ Nevertheless, with their marriages both at stake, there was no actual affair.


The Secret Is Out The Bag

Their relationship, although not physical, did maintain between the pair up until Swayze’s tragic death. Alley did, in fact, speak at Swayze’s funeral in 2009, but when she gave an interview on Entertainment Tonight in 2012, she revealed that while she may be friends with Swayze’s wife, Lisa Niemi, she was not sure if she knew of the famous actor’s relationship. Going on TV to announce this makes us think she knows now.


Before Fame

Following the breakdown of their divorce, when Alley had not yet become an actress, she was still in her young 20’s and mixing with the wrong people. She has stated that with the hardships of divorce, she found herself in the mix of experimenting will illicit substances and not being able to stop. Her addiction was fueled by feeling depressed and the feeling that she had ‘wrecked everybody’s life.’ It was finding Scientology that saved her life and stopped her addiction.



Alley is amongst the famous names who follow the religion of Scientology. Following the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Alley and her family are strong believers in Scientology, having followed the religion for over 30 years now. Her dedication to the religion is noted in Kathy Griffith’s tell-all book, Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z. She claimed that saw Alley’s phone weather app was set in Clearwater, Florida, not where she lives but where the Scientology headquarters are based.


Defending Her Religion

She has, however, had to defend her religious choices after Howard Stern asked her if she was a paid spokesperson for the religion. As a spokesperson for diet programs, of which she has her own, Organic Liason, she has responded to the remark made my Stern by confirming that “Organic Liaison LLC is not affiliated with the Church of Scientology or the world institute of Scientology.” This joke didn’t go down very well with the actress.


Don’t Turn Your Back

Leah Remini, a former Scientologist believer, and friend of Alley, has since left the movement and chosen to leave the church. This did not come without any backlash from her former associates. Kirstie, for one, referred to Remini as ‘a bigot’ following her departure from the religious movement. Remini exclaimed that she understood Alley’s response to her departure, as she is now ‘seen as the enemy’ and would expect the likes of Alley and Cruise to ignore her if they passed in the street.


Anything For The Church

While seeing former Church members as new enemies, the Cheers actress has shown her dedication to the Church even more so with generous donations being made. In 2007, Alley made a donation of $5 million to the church. Five. Million. Dollars. We guess that is enough to show how much she values the Church and her involvement with Scientology. She has also purchased a house in Clearwater, Florida, where the spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology is located.


Her Weight

When you hear Kirstie Alley, you may think of all the tabloid headlines that circulate about her weight. Known to be overweight at times, with pictures of herself plastered across the press, she has also made headlines for losing weight as well. During her constant weight battle, she has praised the work of  Jenny Craig, who she became the spokesperson for between 2002 till 2007. Alley then went on to develop her own weight loss products and eventually ended up forming a partnership with Craig, calling it ‘the perfect combination.’


Back At It

It was in 2009, following her departure from Jenny Craig, Alley began to put the weight back on, with her fluctuating weight making news once again. In 2014, Alley was once again a spokesperson for Jenny Craig’s diet program. With her previous success in achieving her weight loss, Alley decided to follow and support the program that worked best for her. Once again it proved to be successful for the actress who lost managed to lose 50 pounds (23kg) while on the diet.


Second Marriage

Alley may have been the center of affair speculation during her career, but she was once married to teen heartthrob Parker Stevenson, a fellow actor who was a cast member in The Hardy Boys. The pair were married for 14 years, even though that was during the time that Alley said she would have left her husband for Patrick Swayze. Together they have two adopted children, William True and Lillie Price. They are also grandparents to William’s son, Waylon Tripp Parker.



She isn’t just known for film set love affairs during her Hollywood career, nor the subject of tabloid news about her weight. In fact, Alley may be best known for her television role, being a cast member on the hit show, Cheers. Starring on the hit show as Rebecca Howe from 1987-1993, she won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as for as Golden Globe award for Best Actress in 1991. It was this role that earned her acting status in Hollywood.


It Takes Two

Alley had the privilege of working with the most famous twins in Hollywood. When working together on It Takes Two,  Alley admired their work ethic and the fact they really wanted to be at work acting. Still in touch with the twins, she says their work ethic impressed her because, as she expresses, “when I was a kid, I really wanted to be an actor, and I really wanted to be in movies, but I lived in Kansas so it wasn’t going to happen.”


Her Own Reality Show

She may be an award-winning actor, but Alley has also given the world a glimpse into the real Kirstie Alley. With her weight fluctuation being the center of many tabloid articles and interviews, it would only be fair for Alley to give her version of her life. Titled, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, the show followed Alley’s second attempt at shedding the pounds she had once again gained, but the show did not get great reviews.


Family Disaster

Just as Alley was on set for her first paying gig, she got the call that there had been a family emergency. In 1981, both her parents were involved in a car accident with a drunk driver. Sadly, Kirstie’s mom did not survive the crash, and her father was seriously injured. Fortunately, her father was able to recover. However, disaster struck once again for the family when Kirstie’s daughter Lillie tragically lost her fiancé in a car crash in 2014.


Her Own Mini Zoo

When it comes to pets, you’re most likely to ask someone if they’re a cat or dog person. They may even have a fish or a rabbit. But not Alley. She has 14 lemurs residing with her in her Los Angeles home. If you are unfamiliar with a lemur, unsurprising as they are Madagascan animals, and not very ‘LA’ , Alley describes them as ‘chilled out’ animals, with different personalities who can survive 30 years! For this reason, she says she would not recommend them as pets.


Getting On The Trump Bandwagon

The hot topic of the United States in 2016 was the political elections. What stood out alongside this, was which presidential candidate particular celebrities were supporting. Alley was amongst the female stars who were backing Trump and joining his political campaign. She was so certain of her choice she stated,  ‘I have a damn good record of choosing presidents elected… Carter, Reagan, G.W. Bush, Clinton, Obama… Happy with three of my choices!’


Or… Maybe Not

But then everything changed. Following her support in April, she renounced her backing in October. She publicly announced that she was no longer supporting Trump, or the election, and exclaimed, “I hate this election and I’m officially no longer endorsing either candidate.” She tweeted this announcement, alongside the caption, “I am voting for woman with the ladder,” alongside a post of a woman rescuing bear cups from a dumpster (if only that were an option). She then expressed her happiness at the Republican’s win in November 2016.


Interior Designer

Before Alley was introduced to the world of the rich and famous after making her film debut in 1982, Alley lived in Kansas working as an interior designer. Although she has since become a worldwide known actress, she has not put interior design completely on the back burn. As well as decorating her own house, Alley teamed up with Oprah for a contest which would grant a fan a room in their house to be designed by Alley.


A Star For A Star

In addition to the multitude of awards actors and actresses can be honored with during their career, the recognition for work in the industry can also get you a large star on the floor with your name in the middle. And Kirstie Alley is among the many actors to be awarded her very own star. Seen as a public monument on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Alley was honored with her star for her contributions to the motion picture industry.


Dancing With The Stars

In 2011, Alley took part in the popular celebrity dance competition, Dancing with the Stars. Dancing alongside partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the pair were awarded a perfect 30 out of 30 for their final dance. The show also sees celebrities weight change throughout their time on the show, and with weight being a central topic in Alley’s life, the show also gave an insight into the transformation of Alley’s appearance.


Not All About The Dancing/post_page_title]

While she may have shown off her dancing skills, as well as her transformation weight loss, Alley sparked more discussion during her time on the show after being caught kissing a fellow contestant. Alley, 60, was photographed kissing former contestant, 21-year-old rapper, Romeo. Yet, this did not turn into a romantic scandal after Alley announced, ‘Romeo and I got bored today so we decided to put on a little freak show for the paps…… Hehe.’


[post_page_title]Sued Over 100 Pounds

The same year of her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie also helped develop a weight loss program, Organic Liason. With this program, she insisted that she lost 100 pounds and it’s the best form of weight loss diet for anyone looking to shed the pounds. However, not everyone was convinced with Alley’s remarks and after testing the product, no weight was lost. This was done by Marina Abramyan who filed a lawsuit against the actress for false advertising.


Lawsuit Damages

Abramyan saw the coincidence in Alley releasing this product and its diet benefits being the same time she appeared on Dancing with the Stars. With her constant weight loss battle, Kirstie expressed this was the solution to keeping the weight off. After testing the product herself, Abramyan claimed that the weight loss by Alley was a result of the dancing show. It was reported that Alley had to pay $130,000 following the lawsuit as a result of misleading the public.

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