Insane Net Worth Of Country Singers Revealed

In case you weren’t already aware, the country music genre is taking over the music world as young audiences everywhere are attracted to it’s lighthearted lyrics and twangy tunes. Country music is also a very lucrative industry as the genre has it’s own award show and hall of fame. With that said, country music is more than just gravel roads, ripped jeans and broken hearts and these incredible net worths of country singers are proof that there is lot’s of money to be made producing country hits.

Lee Ann Womack – $20 Million

Lee Ann Womack was signed as an artist in 1996 and shortly after released her first record. However, it was her second album, I Hope You Dance, that catapulted her to new heights of fame. The record sold millions of copies and even topped the contemporary chart in addition to the country chart. Womack would continue to make music that was considered crossover for several more years. She only returned to traditional country music in 2005 with the release of There’s More where That Came From.

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